Okay, I lied.

I didn't do a video.  I've been too busy spending time with my family.  Saturday we spent the day outside.  It was soooo nice.  I had a blanket on the porch and tried to get Mads to nap out there with me but she wasn't digging nature like I was. 

A cool picture I took.

Purple Pansy

After our day together I picked up Baby M and hit a few flower places on my side of town looking for echinacea.  No such luck.  I'm looking for it too early I believe.  I want to get a few plants to go in the front of the house for color and to use.  I'm thinking echinacea vodka.  Who wants some for Christmas??  Seriously, I'm making all my gifts again this year!!!  Making a list and checking it twice.....

As you can see I was terribly busy Saturday and just didn't have time to make a vlog.  ~cough cough~

What did you do today Supermom???

Ummm, I went to Target to get a few things and Lowe's. 

That's it. 

I'm such a total bum!!!!

There are a few dilemma's going on that you can comment on if you are brave enough.

~ This house doesn't have air conditioning.  It got HOT today!!!  B2 won't sleep with his windows open.  He locks it down like Ft Knox.  I kid you not.  This is a boy scout who camps in the wilderness in TENTS but refuses to sleep with the windows open.  Should I make him leave them open or let him burn up?!??!?!?  Superdad went in and shut them because B was crying.  I was going to make him leave them open.  I know you cannot rationalize fear but COME ON!!!  He camps in TENTS in the woods with like bears, snakes and spiders!!!

~ Making H share a bedroom with Lil O.  I know that H is 15 and Lil O if 5 and sharing may not be practical.  BUT, this is our house.  We don't have the money to build on or buy a different house.  We like our house and plan to stay here.  Lil O's toddler bed cannot stay in our room for forever!!!  We cannot have two toddler beds lined up for the girls because H refuses to share with Lil O.  It's not like Lil O would even be in there but to sleep.  We could buy a matching twin bed and hook them up with a cool snazzy room.

Would I be the meanest mom in the world if I made them share after all this time??  Or is hormonal teenager being selfish by refusing to share with Lil O??

SPEAK UP!!!  I need you guys right now.


Keshia said…
Windows- I say let him keep his windows closed if he wants to. I had similar fears when I was his age so I sympathize with him. Sleeping in the middle of the woods is different. If he wants to be hot that's his business. Let him sleep naked :)

Bedrooms- I would NOT want to have shared a bedroom with a younger sibling at H's age. I would have pitched a big giant hissy fit too. But without money to build on or buy a new house, the practical thing to do is for H to suck it up and take one for the team. I don't think you are being mean, but again, I sympathize with H.
Supermom said…
Keshia ~ Yeah, he can sleep however he wants. JUST NOT NAKED!!! THUD!!!!

I don't think I would actually make H share rooms with Lil O but her attitude just pissed me off.

Make sense?

She'll have college in two years so Lil O and Baby M will have her room anyway! :)
Anonymous said…
I think that you should buy a 2nd toddler bed or the twin and O should have 2 rooms..spend 1 week with H when B is with you and then the other week in Bs room when hes gone..be a resonable compromise and in 2 years her and baby m can share and B can get ready to share with the new baby B that you will have finished by then lol
Supermom said…
ROFL!!!! That confused me.
Anna said…
I feel that you are the parent and she is the kid and she has to do what you say.
Autumn M said…
I'm 99% positive that I saw echinacea at Jesse israel that day me & Superdad went. Check it out!