Not Suitable For School ?

NSFS???  Hmmm, I have to think about this. 

H reads my blog during her computer class at school.  She will even comment from time to time.  I like it.  Over the weekend she tells me that she can no longer see my blog at school because it is blocked.  WOW!!!  The Adventures of Supermom is blocked at the local high school.  I'm "Not Suitable For School"!! !  ! !   How cool is that?!?!?!

I'm sure it was all the sex talk and the sex survey that pushed them over the edge.  Like the kids aren't already doing it anyway.  Geesh!!  I was just teaching them that married people aren't having it.....  Oh, that's why they blocked me.  They don't want my blog encouraging your teens to have as much sex as they can before marriage.  It all makes sense now.  HA HA!!! 

I hope that you all had a fabulous Mother's Day!!  I did for sure.  The kids and Superdad gave me flowers/veggies to plant in my garden.  Two Hydrangeas, three echinacea plants, assorted flowers and two Cherokee Tomato plants.  Some of my goodies.

Assorted Flowers

I already have them planted in the yard and in pots!  We did that yesterday afternoon when we got home from having lunch out.  I'm pleased that the front of the house is slowly coming together. 

After having a lovely Mother's Day I had to help teenage daughter mend her broken heart.  She and the BF broke up (again).  He has been talking to another girl apparently.  It breaks my heart to know that H is hurting emotionally.  I know that this relationship was everything to her.  Young love sucks!!  At my age with the things I have experienced I have to be more gentle with H because in time she will understand that there is so much more out there and life goes on.  Telling her there are more fish in the sea doesn't mend her broken heart. 

I know that in time she will be okay.  My poor baby.   :(

So today we are dying her hair.  CRINGE!!  She's been on this blond kick so we are going to do it this afternoon.  I may even go blond myself.  Hmmmmm, exciting.  Nahhh, I don't dye my hair.  I show my gray hair like badges of honor.  I've got FOUR kids and I'M SURVIVING!!!!! 

Just look at all my gray and you will see for yourself.


Anonymous said…
You are such a good mommy! My 18 year old hasn't had a boyfriend yet but we had friendship drama. I find sharing my stories with her always makes her feel better.
Supermom said…
Thank you!! I just do my best!
Anonymous said…
you? Gray hair? Never. lol you look great and you always have and always will!!!! :) -D (for Dani, so you know its me.) I'm reading through all your blogs while i have the time today lol