Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm slowly losing control of the situation.

The hormonal teenager situation.  Where do I begin?

Last week I was checking on our phone plan and realized that we were only two weeks into our billing cycle and hormonal teenage had gone over our minutes.  We are on a 700 minute family share plan.  To which she said wasn't a problem because we have unlimited texting and she wouldn't be using the phone much.  Trust me, she is using the texting because she almost had 12,000 texts for a billing cycle. 

PUNISHMENT : Losing her phone until a new billing cycle starts and paying the overage on the bill when it comes.  If anyone needs a babysitter just call me I have a teenager for hire.  She has taken the Red Cross Babysitting class. 


She's on the hair dye kick.  Months ago she just couldn't wait to dye her hair.  She got dye all over my bathroom and ruined my good towels.  The dye messed up and made her hair black in places.  I remember it well, her sitting in the bathroom sobbing because she had ruined her hair.  Apparently she doesn't remember that because she wants to dye her hair blond now. 

We agreed that we'd get some dye and she could dye her hair.  Somehow she manipulated the situation and came home with dye that her grandmother had bought her.  She should have called me first but nooooooooooooooooooooooo.  After all the fussing about hair dye she brings some home without calling me first.  FYI:  Her grandmother has a cell so she could have called.  If she had called to ask first I would have had no problem with her bringing home dye.  It was done in a manipulative way that angered me.


While in our hallway discussing the dye and why she should have called me in front of her grandmother I notice something different about her ears.  I start counting earrings.  Then this rolls out of my mouth, "What the fuck?" 

There were four holes in each ear.  FOUR!!! 

Long story short, last year hormonal teenager was trying to get back at me and pierced her ears a third time out of spite.  After getting in trouble over that she actually had the BALLS to pierce them a fourth time!!!  Of course she didn't want to talk about it in front of her grandmother.  I was furious.

I feel like I am losing control of the situation.  The hormonal teenager is pushing all my buttons. 


She's upset of the break-up with THAT BOY.  I know her heart is broken but explaining to her that it will get better is a waste of time.  Last night I hear her yelling on the phone and crying with HIM.  I go into her room and say, "Why are you wasting your time talking to him.  Get off the phone and get over it!"  She was crying and told me 'she couldn't'.  I then made it clear how I felt about THAT BOY, "I'm telling you now that if you two get back together he is not welcome in this house, you two will not be allowed to do things out of school AND WHEN he hurts you again you will be on your own."

Too harsh?

Well, life is hard.  SUCK UP AND DEAL!!!  If you are going to let some teenage TWIT try to tell you that he cannot be with a girl that doesn't trust him when HE was the one talking and hanging out with another girl for MONTHS then you are the fool.

I'm in no mood for niceties at this point.  I'm angry that my teenage daughter has made four holes in her ears.  I'm angry that she does things out of spite.  I hate spite!  It gets you NO WHERE!  I'm angry that she manipulated her grandmother and brought home hair dye without calling me first. 

I'm losing control and that angers me.  DAMMIT!!  I am the boss.  I will be listened to.  I will be in control.  I'm not letting some hormonal teenager run over me.

Today I'm making the fourth earrings come out.  Because I am going to be in control. 

You may think that I'm being harsh and overreacting but I am being a responsible parent and doing what is best for my daughter.  She has to have boundaries. 
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