I'm not a retail therapy kind of gal.

Until today that is.  H wanted to do some shopping for clothes today.  I just wanted to get out of the house.  You probably shouldn't go shopping when you are in a funk.  It's like you don't grocery shop while you are hungry.

I ended up buying more than I had intended.  I splurged and bought myself three pairs of shorts for the summer.  Not knee shorts or capris BUT actual shorts that show my long freckled legs.  Two shirts.  One white and one blue.  Okay, that's not bad but then I added a beautiful purse and a pair of sunglasses.  I'm worth it.  Totally worth it.  Right?

Lil O picked out some huge sunglasses for herself.  We will totally be styling when we go out in the sun!!!!!!

I thought I would surprise H and buy her some goodies.  Two tanks and three shirts.  I found some cute flip flops so I picked up two pairs.  I know shopping for a teenager is hard but I think I did rather well.  I may be returning them tomorrow if she's isn't pleased.  We shall see. 

I HAD to buy B2 gym shorts.  His are missing and he gets points taken off each day he isn't wearing any.  Lame isn't it???

I'm not done yet.  I think this is where the retail therapy comes in.  Including the purse and sunglasses.  I changed the color of the rugs and the pictures in the hall bathroom.  I found this pretty blue color today.  I bought two rugs, three pictures and a hand towel to match the rugs for the kid's bathroom. 

I would have bought a shower curtain to match but I didn't see any that I liked. 

I'm glad I was tired by this time or I could have easily bought a new area rug for the living room and a new rug for the kitchen.  Or a male yorkie.  I'm just sayin'.... 

If it eases the blow to Superdad a bit, everything I bought was on sale.  Mostly half off too.  I may have been using retail as therapy but I shopped for bargains. 

Do you use retail therapy?


Superdad said…
Dammit anyway!
Red Neck Diva said…
lol good one superdad... Sounds like fun.. I have def used retail theropy and would be in the same mood today i think
Red Neck Diva said…
imagine the damage we could have done together lol have a great day