I'm letting you down.

Last night I was in a mood.  I was hurt.  Anxious.  Unsure.  I posted my feelings as my Facebook status.  Not Supermom's Facebook page but my personal one.   I was given great words of encouragement from my friends. 

I have a new friend who is actually a Supermom Fan.  She comments on Supermom's Fan Page so I friended her with my personal account as well. 

You're confused, I just know it.  Let me explain why I was hurt, anxious and unsure.

We have been struggling with schools for Lil O. We didn't make it into the Charter Schools that we applied for.  We are so far down on the waiting list that it's not going to happen.  No biggie.  So, Superdad went to look at a Montessori school down the road from our house.  He fell completely in love with it enough to TAKE the one spot that they had available.  Without talking to me.... 

So, I updated my Facebook status last night about how I was feeling about everything that unfolded that day.  I was worried about paying tuition for the school.  We are a one income family and Superdad's job has slowed down dramatically since the economy is shit right now.

I update my Facebook like someone would update their Twitter.  I have a Twitter account but I use TwitterFeed and it updates on its own when I blog about something.  Anyway......

The Supermom Fan commented this:  Michelle = most REAL on fb 

Then she followed up with an awesome comment:  I thought about this more and remembered a bible study long time ago:" for women only" by Shaunti Feldhahn and apparently it's more important to show your man you trust him even if you think he's making a big mistake ( i know crazy), but as an outsider it's great that he wants to make the best possible for you guys. I pray for your peace!:)

I do trust Superdad with all that I am.  I know he wants what is best for our family.  I was just hurt that he made such a big commitment without talking to me first.  (It would be LIKE me bringing home, lets say, a Yorkie and then telling him about it after the fact.)  I always talk to him before making any huge decision when it comes to our family and he should respect me enough to do the same. Calling after taking the spot to tell me about it doesn't count as including me in the process.

So, about me letting you down.  I'm sorry you don't get to read all my crazy up-to-date Facebook status changes.  I will try to do better and blog more about my feelings.  I just hate to be a complainer.  I don't want you to think, "OH NO!!  Supermom is complaining again.  Can that woman not be happy?"

I'm a bit better now.  This morning I got up and went on a tour of the Montessori School with Superdad and Lil O.  I was very impressed!!  V. E. R. Y.  The school is amazing.  I know that Lil O will fit in perfect there.  I guess I am glad that Superdad snagged the last spot yesterday.  I will continue to worry about the tuition though.  So, if any of my readers are wealthy with money to burn, call me and you can sponsor my kids education.  Seriously, call me.

I'm off to look for a Yorkie.