Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love you, you love me. Right?

We all were outside yesterday afternoon so I took advantage of it and took a few random pictures.  I already posted one last night that is my NEW FAVORITE PICTURE!!! 

My huge tomato plant.

Huge Tomato Plant.

BEFORE:  This is the same tomato plant just after I planted it.


Yummy Basil.


Hot Pepper and Bell Pepper.

Bell Pepper and Hot Pepper

Baby Bell Pepper.

Baby Bell Pepper

Welcoming three new additions to my garden:



Two Flamingos.


Supermom and Baby M.

Supermom and Baby M

While outside I made a new friend.  I took a few pictures of him/her/it.  My family wouldn't let me make him/her/it a pet.  They said I needed to get out more.

Inch Worm?

Look at that adorable face!!

Inch worm?

I even thought it was cute when it pooped on the blanket. 

Maybe I do need to get out more.
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