I actually watched Lost last night with Superdad.

~May contain spoilers from last nights show so read at your own risk~

After finishing my spring cleaning yesterday I had to debate if I wanted to go to bed or watch Lost with Superdad.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I FINISHED my spring cleaning.  Ahhh, such a relief.  I'm sure there are a few other things I could do but I'm satisfied. 

I ended up crocheting while watching Lost.  It was an intense episode.  I guess they are wrapping things up for the series finale this month.  I was almost in tears when a couple of the cast died.  It was touching.  ~gulp~ 

To be honest I really don't care about Lost.  I quit caring years ago.  Superdad is hooked though.  He loves Lost.  I know he will miss the series when it ends.  Sorry Superdad. 

I just want to see how it ends.  Will Desmond and Penny be together?  Will Jack stay on the island?  Is Juliette still alive in another time line?  Will Sawyer end up with Kate?  Or are they all dead to begin with?  Is Jacob like God or is he God?  Is fake Locke the devil?  Will Richard live forever???  What about Claire?  Is she cRaZy or will she end up with her son?  And WHAT THE F*** IS THIS ISLAND TO BEGIN WITH?!?!?!?

So I guess I will be watching the last three shows of Lost.  I just gotta know!!!