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Week in Review.

I taped this yesterday but never had a chance to upload it and post it.  So pretend it's Saturday, May 29, 2010.

It's my birthday!!!  I'm 36!!!  My mamaw, who will be 80 on June 17, sings Happy Birthday to me!!!  I let you listen!!!

H is in drivers ed and actually drove into our driveway Friday!  Talk about a kick into reality at my age!!!! 

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day with your family and friends. 

Blogging after midnight.

Perhaps the title of a new country song?  I blame my late night blogging on all the sleep I've had the past couple of days.  What can you do?  Nothing. 

I'm sick.  Superdad is sick.  Baby M is sick.  Lil O is sick.  H isn't sick.  B2 was sick and then gave it to us.

Not that I am blaming him but I am in a round about way.

Even while sick I've been planning the next few months.  HA HA!!  I'm serious.  My birthday is Saturday.  WOW, I cannot believe I will be 36.  I took this picture the other day and played with it in photoshop.   I really like this picture of me.  I do not see an exhausted 35 year old mom with four kids looking back at me.  Do you?

The Adventures of Supermom

But I am a 35 year old mom who is exhausted because I have four kids.  Okay, almost 36 years old. 

Then Sunday I get to celebrate with my best friend our wedding anniversary. 


The past six years of marriage have flown by.  It feels like we've been together for forever.  I mean that in a good way not a dreadful way.  I cannot remember life Before Superdad.  B.S.  Not to be confused with BS.  Got it?

My Best Friend Mary Jane will be here Tuesday!

Supermom and Mary Jane.

That makes me happy.  I have a few surprises up my sleeve for MJ!  I cannot wait to stay up late talking to her.  Making her laugh.  Laughing with her.  Just being with her. 

Did you know that my Beautiful Crazy H will be 16 on June 8???  I am way to young to have a 16 year old.  Wonder if I should tell her she was adopted??  I tease!!!  We have her birthday party planned!  I have the cake planned out, I'm making it myself.  I also had these amazing photo cards printed to give to family.  Here's the proof. 

I think they will be awesome!!!!!  I love that picture of her.  She is wearing angel wings that belong to her little sister!!!  She played with the picture in photoshop and I love how it looks.  I think it's perfect for her Sweet 16 Cards.  I cannot wait for them to get here.

I guess I will retire to the couch to watch some lame reruns!  I hope to do a Week in Review for you later on.

Out of Order.

Yesterday I told Superdad I was feeling overwhelmed.  To which he asked, "Why?"  Here was my response,

"Well, my birthday is Saturday, our anniversary is Sunday and I haven't bought your gift, my niece turns 5 on Monday and no gift yet, my BF Mary Jane will be here Tuesday to stay a few nights and I might throw together a small baby shower for her and make a cake, I have a grandmother's birthday on June 3 to which I need to mail her card, your birthday is the 6th and I don't have you a present, my sister's birthday is the 7th but I have her a card, H turns 16 on the 8th and we need to get her presents and mamaw turns 80 on the 17th and we are having her party on the 19th and I have to make her birthday cake and H's birthday cake.  So what was your question?"

Then I woke up during the night with two earaches and a very sore throat.  Thank you Baby M for sharing your germs.

Bathing Suits Optional.

Pool Fun & Slip N Slide

Bet you cannot guess what we did most of the day yesterday.

Ignorance is bliss?

I'm really not sure where I'm going with this post but I thought it was something I needed to blog about.

We live on this beautiful planet called Earth.  We are able to watch the sun rise and the sun set.  The soft glow of the moon lights the sky at night.  We can count stars and make wishes on shooting stars.  We can feel grass on our bare feet.  We can look for four leaf clovers while playing outside.  We can walk on a sandy beach and let the ocean tickle our toes.

We can live and love. 

I love so many things and so many people.  Isn't it great that we have this ability to have so much emotion for things and people around us???  To truly love is an awesome thing. 

There are so many different cultures that we can be a part of.  So many different types of people that we can be around.  That we can love.  Isn't that great???

I'm writing this because of some ignorant things that were said to my daughter yesterday.  My Beautiful Crazy H will be 16 on June 8.  She is the most wonderful young lady that you will ever meet.  She's compassionate, beautiful, understanding and so full of life.  I am very proud that she is my daughter.  I carried her, nursed her and will love her for the rest of my life. 

We cannot help who we fall in love with.  Love is a gift and meant to be shared. 

In a world that has so many great things to enjoy I still cannot believe that people get caught up on the color of skin.  Skin is just skin.  It's freckled, like mine,  pale or dark.  It can even be in between in color.

My Beautiful Crazy H loves boys that have dark skin.  Does that mean that people can mistreat her??  HELL NO!  With a world full of so many different people I cannot believe people still get stuck on skin color.  Does this mean that H is any less a human being?  It means that she loves who she loves.  Love is meant for sharing and she chooses to look beyond the color of someone's skin color and see them for who they really are.  A human being.  That's it.  When you forget the color of skin you just see a boy or girl.  Nothing else.  You will see someone with emotions.  Someone with a story to tell.  Someone who may be funny or a nerd.  Someone that may like sports or to talk on the phone.  Someone that may be afraid of spiders and some that may know magic.

So, why do people tend to judge by skin color???  I often wonder if H would be accepted more is she were into girls.  I live in a very gay friendly area and see same sexes holding hands and kissing all the time.  I don't see is as a bad thing.  I see it as two people that love each other so much that they want to be together.  LOVE IS GREAT and meant to be shared.  Remember that?

So, why do people still say that awful word nigg**.  I cannot even type it with a clear conscious.  It makes me cringe to think that it's still in people's vocabulary.  Really???  You think you are so high and mighty that you can throw THAT word around?  I hate to break it to you but it makes you ignorant.  It makes you ignorant of everything so beautiful about the place we live in.  It makes you just IGNORANT.  So, feel free to use your big words and hurt people but you are only hurting yourself.

You are not capable of looking beyond skin color and knowing people for who they really are.  I almost feel sorry for you. 


Until your vocabulary is brought up to speed and you see the world for what it really is then you aren't worthy of the compassion that my Beautiful Crazy H gives to those around her. 

I don't care what color of skin you have just so you respect my daughter and love her for the young lady she is and the woman she will become.

Week in Review.

Supermom talks about being sad about not having any more babies with Superdad.  Facts of life.

Trying to get a Yorkie!!!

B2 was sick but now back at school.

H got her phone back because the minutes rolled over last night.  If she messes up one more time she will lose her phone.

I did some retail therapy and got a new purse out of it.

Life will be extremely busy and fun the next few months.  Hang on and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom.

Supermom wants to know.

1 ~ What makes you come to my blog everyday?

2 ~ You do come every day, right?

3 ~ What has made you Laugh Out Loud on my blog?

4 ~ What do I blog about that you enjoy the most?

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Once I get the camera she stops counting for me. At least you can hear some of her counting skills. She also knows several Spanish words that she speaks on a daily basis instead of using English! She's AWESOME!!!

Square Foot Gardening by Superdad

Last year Superdad started  square foot gardening.  His first try taught him what to change and encouraged him to do more.  So this year he built two more square foot gardens and made a garden in the front yard for his corn and potatoes.  The kids really love helping plant, water and harvest from our gardens.  Here are a few pictures of what Superdad has growing at the moment. 

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Here's a few growth shots from his garden space in the front yard.

Square Foot Gardening ~ Potato

Square Foot Gardening ~ Corn

I'm not a retail therapy kind of gal.

Until today that is.  H wanted to do some shopping for clothes today.  I just wanted to get out of the house.  You probably shouldn't go shopping when you are in a funk.  It's like you don't grocery shop while you are hungry.

I ended up buying more than I had intended.  I splurged and bought myself three pairs of shorts for the summer.  Not knee shorts or capris BUT actual shorts that show my long freckled legs.  Two shirts.  One white and one blue.  Okay, that's not bad but then I added a beautiful purse and a pair of sunglasses.  I'm worth it.  Totally worth it.  Right?

Lil O picked out some huge sunglasses for herself.  We will totally be styling when we go out in the sun!!!!!!

I thought I would surprise H and buy her some goodies.  Two tanks and three shirts.  I found some cute flip flops so I picked up two pairs.  I know shopping for a teenager is hard but I think I did rather well.  I may be returning them tomorrow if she's isn't pleased.  We shall see. 

I HAD to buy B2 gym shorts.  His are missing and he gets points taken off each day he isn't wearing any.  Lame isn't it???

I'm not done yet.  I think this is where the retail therapy comes in.  Including the purse and sunglasses.  I changed the color of the rugs and the pictures in the hall bathroom.  I found this pretty blue color today.  I bought two rugs, three pictures and a hand towel to match the rugs for the kid's bathroom. 

I would have bought a shower curtain to match but I didn't see any that I liked. 

I'm glad I was tired by this time or I could have easily bought a new area rug for the living room and a new rug for the kitchen.  Or a male yorkie.  I'm just sayin'.... 

If it eases the blow to Superdad a bit, everything I bought was on sale.  Mostly half off too.  I may have been using retail as therapy but I shopped for bargains. 

Do you use retail therapy?

A Day in My Life ~ May 17, 2010

The girls pretending to be in a snow storm.  Looks like a dress-up clothes storm to me.  In one picture I have a missing Baby M.

Kids Playing

Kids Playing

Kids Playing

I cut my hair this morning.  Just call me Sinead.


Baby M playing with daddy's hat.

Russian Hat

Supermom bares her soul, letting it all out for you to critique.

Yesterday I was in a bad place.  Call it a bad mood or reality biting me in the ass.  Whatever.

I am having to come to terms that I will not have anymore children.  It's a major event that we women have to go through not to be taken lightly.  It involves a bunch of emotions that you didn't even know you had.  It's like a loss.  Our belly will not be with child anymore.  We will not have that daydream anymore.  No more feeling life grow inside of us.  No more waiting for the birth of a baby.  It also means no more breastfeeding.  You all know how I feel about breastfeeding.  No more baby wearing.  You know how I feel about that as well.

There will be a lot of no mores for me not having another baby.

It makes me terribly sad.   To add salt to the wound, Baby M has stopped calling me Mommy.  It's MOM now.  How's that for ya?

Also, I'm really trying to get Superdad to let me get a pet.  He's just not having it.  It frustrates me to no end.  When I was growing up we always had critters running around.  My mom let us bring in and keep any stray that we got our hands on.  I really feel that the kids are missing out not having a pet at their age.  Superdad doesn't agree.

So, no more kids for me and I cannot get a pet. 

Then to beat it all my friend became physically sick after the cyberbullying that she was taken to Charlotte yesterday because her shunt is malfunctioning.  I was scared, worried and angry all at one time.  I even sent that TAMMY an email getting things off my chest about what she did.  I would copy and paste that email here but I deleted it.  You would have been proud of your Supermom for sure!!!  Don't mess with me !!!  I'm a live wire for sure. 

So, my friend is in Charlotte.  Her doctor doesn't agree with the ER doctors here in Asheville so they are testing her shunt today to make sure it's working properly.  She has hydrocephalus from a brain tumor she had as a child.  So, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  I want her back home ASAP!!!!

There is an upside to all my sad depressed behavior.  My Mary Jane will be here 15 days!!!!!!!!!  We get to pick up her at the airport on June 1! ! ! ! !  I know having her here will help improve my state of being. 

Okay, I'm going to suck up and deal.

Cyberbullying. Not just for teenagers.

Cyberbullying is a word we had to learn when all these social networks popped up on the WWW.  What exactly is cyberbullying? 

Cyberbullying "involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others."

As you know if you are a follower of this blog then you how I detest bullies.  I had a bully there for awhile when I was growing up and she made my life miserable.  I wish I could say that I no longer hate this person but I cannot.  I've tried to find good in her but I am not able to.  I still think ALL BULLIES are cowards and hurting others makes them feel superior. 

So, you can see how furious I became when my close friend was subjected to cyberbully the other day on Facebook.  Let me explain.

My friend is on Facebook.  We went to high school together.  We have become good friends over the past year and talk every single day now.  She is single and has reconnected with a few single guys that we went to school with.  She's having fun and I am happy that she is enjoying life.  Consenting adults can do that you know?

So she reconnected with this one guy.  Lets call him Chuck.  She thought he was cute.  They flirted on Facebook.  They texted on their phones.  She was interested in Chuck.  After all they are consenting adults.  Right?

Then another person on Facebook learns that my friend and Chuck are talking to each other.  Lets call her Tammy.  Apparently she is friends with Chuck and has been since high school.  This girl Tammy doesn't like my friend.  So when she found out there might be a love connection between them she was angry.  I really wouldn't say angry, perhaps she was jealous.  After all she is married or living with some guy anyway and has kids.  So instead of feeling all bent out of shape shouldn't she had felt happy that two single people may have a connection and be happy?

Tammy called Chuck to tell him of her hated for my friend.  This is where is gets to the cyberbullying part.  Tammy encourages Chuck to get pervy with my friend on the cell phone.  Asking for inappropriate photos of her.  Talking about a booty call and all.  

A COMPLETELY different Chuck that my friend had been talking to.  

Real adult behavior for people in their late 30's!!!  RIGHT?!?!?!?

Thankfully Tammy was stupid to brag about her cyberbullying to another person on Facebook who in turn lets my friend know what is going on.  

My friend was crushed that someone would actually be so low to do something like that to her.  Something so hurtful to another human being. 

My friend called this Tammy chick to confront her and of course she denied it but my friend had hard evidence.  AN EMAIL that had been sent on Facebook confirming that Tammy had indeed instigated the whole affair. 

I was just in shock over the whole thing.  SERIOUSLY!!!  People in their late 30's acting like hormonal teenagers in high school.  Don't we know better than this?!??!  DO people really not care about others??  Since Chuck and Tammy have children are they going to teach them that cyberbullying is okay.  If you don't like something that is going on then go cyberbully them???

It scares me that people are so stupid.  Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to breed.  JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION!!!  So don't be sending me hate EMAIL or don't start cyberbullying me either.

I'm really encouraging my friend to take legal action in this cyberbullying.  There is an email and cell phone records as evidence.  I think we need to teach people a lesson when they do something so childish to others.

Cyberbullying is a serious offense and we need to punish these people and put a stop to it!!!!  Our kids are being affected by it.  I have been doing research on it this morning on wikipedia.. 

This 2004 survey of 1,500 students between grades 4-8 reported:

    * 42% of kids have been bullied while online. One in four have had it happen more than once.
    * 35% of kids have been threatened online. Nearly one in five had had it happen more than once.
    * 21% of kids have received mean or threatening e-mails or other messages.
    * 58% of kids admit someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online. More than four out of ten say it has happened more than once.
    * 58% have not told their parents or an adult about something mean or hurtful that happened to them online.

A 2006 survey by Harris Interactive reported:

    * 43% of U.S. teens having experienced some form of cyberbullying in the past year.

I tried to find a recent survey but was unable to.

Please teach your children it is not okay to bully or cyberbully anyone!!!!  If they are being bullied then I hope they come to you so you can handle the situation.  And if you are an adult and CYBERBULLYING then you are an idiot and should have your computer taken away from you.

You know you're a Supermom when:

Your five year old bought a new favorite dress that has a few beads on the straps of the bow.

During a bathroom visit one of the beads falls in the toilet, that is full of pee.  (The five year old's pee.)

While Superdad is trying to decide on how to get it out.  You even hear him talking about getting a spoon to retrieve the little lost bead that is floating in a toilet full of pee.

You, Supermom, stop what you are doing, which happens to be making waffles, and go into the bathroom.  You reach in the toilet with your bare hands to get the bead that goes on your baby's new favorite dress.  You then wash your hands and the bead with soap and water.

That's what being a SUPERMOM is all about. 


Week in Review.

Supermom has been hitting Goodwill, Salvation Army and Habitat for vintage fabrics.  I didn't find any but I did find matching pieces for my china.

Talked about the tragic accident that killed a 16 year old in my area this week.  She was retrieving a text message causing her to swerve and hit a truck head on.

Supermom does an after school special about driving and using cell phone.

PUT YOUR DAMN CELL DOWN!!!!!!  No texting while driving.

Bought ice cream and beer so we will be set for the weekend.

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom

Supermom Cooks

Today I made a yummy Carrot Cake.

Carrot Cake 1Carrot Cake 2

Click HERE for the recipe.

Do you read me?

Yesterday I spent the whole day holding down the couch.  I woke up with a migraine.  That's an awful way to start the day!  Just awful!  Superdad took care of me though.  He brought home lunch and dinner.  :)

I watched The Proposal, Castle reruns, NCIS reruns and The Thomas Crown Affair (original one).  I never watch TV unless I am not feeling well.  It was weird just hogging the couch with the remote in my hand.  I didn't like it. 

Thankfully I woke up feeling much better this morning.  The babies are coloring me a picture so I thought I would type up a very short blog post and share some pictures from Mother's Day.  Since the very short blog post is finished here are the pictures.

All four kids jumped in bed with me that morning.  I love this one of B2 sticking his head up!  Baby M is playing with some of my cards.

Mother's Day

The three girls making the waffle mix with Superdad for my Mother's Day breakfast.  B2 cooked the waffles once they had made the batter.

Mother's Day

Here are a few random pictures from our meal out.  I wish I had got some of Baby M when she stripped down to her diaper after eating.  She doesn't like clothes!!!!! 

Superdad took this one!  I love how you can see her reflection in the glass on the table.

Mother's Day

The closest thing to a picture of me with ALL FOUR of my kids.

Mother's Day

I can see we will have dating troubles with Baby M.  Apparently she likes older Latin men.  He asked her to dance when we first got there and they danced at our table.  After our meal she went with him to another part of the restaurant and I snapped these photos of them dancing near the bar.  Thankfully I had gotten her back in her clothes or these would have been NSFW or NSFS!  HA HA!!  She likey him.  :)

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

CSNstores.com ~ A Review from Supermom

All Supermoms and Superdads find that shopping from home is the best option when there are children around!  I love shopping online and having things delivered right to my front door!!!  Not having to get the kids dressed, wrestle them into a car seat and then chase them all over a store!!!

CSNstores.com has over 200 stores that you can shop from!  You can find LED Lighting, home decor, cookware, rugs, mirrors, outdoor living, toys, furniture, shoes, luggage and probably a million other things that I cannot even begin to mention.

CSNstores.com is going to let me pick me a product for review!!!

I love doing reviews!!!!   You seem to like it when I do as well.  Please check back for all the details!!!  What will Supermom pick?  Will it be for the kids?  Will it be for the house?  Or will she actually pick something for herself??

I'm slowly losing control of the situation.

The hormonal teenager situation.  Where do I begin?

Last week I was checking on our phone plan and realized that we were only two weeks into our billing cycle and hormonal teenage had gone over our minutes.  We are on a 700 minute family share plan.  To which she said wasn't a problem because we have unlimited texting and she wouldn't be using the phone much.  Trust me, she is using the texting because she almost had 12,000 texts for a billing cycle. 

PUNISHMENT : Losing her phone until a new billing cycle starts and paying the overage on the bill when it comes.  If anyone needs a babysitter just call me I have a teenager for hire.  She has taken the Red Cross Babysitting class. 


She's on the hair dye kick.  Months ago she just couldn't wait to dye her hair.  She got dye all over my bathroom and ruined my good towels.  The dye messed up and made her hair black in places.  I remember it well, her sitting in the bathroom sobbing because she had ruined her hair.  Apparently she doesn't remember that because she wants to dye her hair blond now. 

We agreed that we'd get some dye and she could dye her hair.  Somehow she manipulated the situation and came home with dye that her grandmother had bought her.  She should have called me first but nooooooooooooooooooooooo.  After all the fussing about hair dye she brings some home without calling me first.  FYI:  Her grandmother has a cell so she could have called.  If she had called to ask first I would have had no problem with her bringing home dye.  It was done in a manipulative way that angered me.


While in our hallway discussing the dye and why she should have called me in front of her grandmother I notice something different about her ears.  I start counting earrings.  Then this rolls out of my mouth, "What the fuck?" 

There were four holes in each ear.  FOUR!!! 

Long story short, last year hormonal teenager was trying to get back at me and pierced her ears a third time out of spite.  After getting in trouble over that she actually had the BALLS to pierce them a fourth time!!!  Of course she didn't want to talk about it in front of her grandmother.  I was furious.

I feel like I am losing control of the situation.  The hormonal teenager is pushing all my buttons. 


She's upset of the break-up with THAT BOY.  I know her heart is broken but explaining to her that it will get better is a waste of time.  Last night I hear her yelling on the phone and crying with HIM.  I go into her room and say, "Why are you wasting your time talking to him.  Get off the phone and get over it!"  She was crying and told me 'she couldn't'.  I then made it clear how I felt about THAT BOY, "I'm telling you now that if you two get back together he is not welcome in this house, you two will not be allowed to do things out of school AND WHEN he hurts you again you will be on your own."

Too harsh?

Well, life is hard.  SUCK UP AND DEAL!!!  If you are going to let some teenage TWIT try to tell you that he cannot be with a girl that doesn't trust him when HE was the one talking and hanging out with another girl for MONTHS then you are the fool.

I'm in no mood for niceties at this point.  I'm angry that my teenage daughter has made four holes in her ears.  I'm angry that she does things out of spite.  I hate spite!  It gets you NO WHERE!  I'm angry that she manipulated her grandmother and brought home hair dye without calling me first. 

I'm losing control and that angers me.  DAMMIT!!  I am the boss.  I will be listened to.  I will be in control.  I'm not letting some hormonal teenager run over me.

Today I'm making the fourth earrings come out.  Because I am going to be in control. 

You may think that I'm being harsh and overreacting but I am being a responsible parent and doing what is best for my daughter.  She has to have boundaries. 

Not Suitable For School ?

NSFS???  Hmmm, I have to think about this. 

H reads my blog during her computer class at school.  She will even comment from time to time.  I like it.  Over the weekend she tells me that she can no longer see my blog at school because it is blocked.  WOW!!!  The Adventures of Supermom is blocked at the local high school.  I'm "Not Suitable For School"!! !  ! !   How cool is that?!?!?!

I'm sure it was all the sex talk and the sex survey that pushed them over the edge.  Like the kids aren't already doing it anyway.  Geesh!!  I was just teaching them that married people aren't having it.....  Oh, that's why they blocked me.  They don't want my blog encouraging your teens to have as much sex as they can before marriage.  It all makes sense now.  HA HA!!! 

I hope that you all had a fabulous Mother's Day!!  I did for sure.  The kids and Superdad gave me flowers/veggies to plant in my garden.  Two Hydrangeas, three echinacea plants, assorted flowers and two Cherokee Tomato plants.  Some of my goodies.

Assorted Flowers

I already have them planted in the yard and in pots!  We did that yesterday afternoon when we got home from having lunch out.  I'm pleased that the front of the house is slowly coming together. 

After having a lovely Mother's Day I had to help teenage daughter mend her broken heart.  She and the BF broke up (again).  He has been talking to another girl apparently.  It breaks my heart to know that H is hurting emotionally.  I know that this relationship was everything to her.  Young love sucks!!  At my age with the things I have experienced I have to be more gentle with H because in time she will understand that there is so much more out there and life goes on.  Telling her there are more fish in the sea doesn't mend her broken heart. 

I know that in time she will be okay.  My poor baby.   :(

So today we are dying her hair.  CRINGE!!  She's been on this blond kick so we are going to do it this afternoon.  I may even go blond myself.  Hmmmmm, exciting.  Nahhh, I don't dye my hair.  I show my gray hair like badges of honor.  I've got FOUR kids and I'M SURVIVING!!!!! 

Just look at all my gray and you will see for yourself.

Happy Mother's Day

(I wrote this years ago and post it every Mothers Day.)

What Mother’s Day means to all women, young and old. Before you dismiss or put this special day in line think about what it means.

This is a day for all Mothers to be celebrated for the life we have brought into this world. (After all without us you wouldn’t have your little bundle of joys.) For all the noses we have wiped and said it will be all right. For all the times we have bathed our children and tucked them in at night. For reading that story just one more time. For feeding and wiping off the walls 100 times because food has been thrown. For never wearing clean or ironed clothes ever again. For all the advice we have given and the advice not yet shared.

Being a Mother isn’t always easy. Once the ‘Oh my GOD!! I’m pregnant!!’ wears off; reality begins. We carry a baby for 9 long months. We gain 50+ pounds and feel like crap. We are nauseous and throw up. We don’t sleep. It’s hard for us to get around. Our slender figure a distant memory. Our doctors poke on us all the times and we feel like a pin cushion.

Then to our delight our labors are long or we have major surgery. Yes, we are thrilled to finally have our baby. The alien taken from our body. Then we have weeks ahead of us to recuperate. We have a period for 6-8 weeks. We have fluid dripping from some part of our body the whole time.

The only clothes we can wear are the ones we wore while pregnant. We go through our closet hoping to find that one piece of clothing we can squeeze into. And even though the little alien is out of our body we cannot help from feeling that we are from another world. As the weeks pass. And life is calming down. We still have a baby attached to our boobs and stinky diapers to change. With 30 extra pounds we finally just went and bought some ‘big’ clothes just to say we aren’t wearing those damn maternity clothes anymore. NO MORE ELASTIC BANDS AROUND OUR WAIST!!

Then we have the rest of our lives to take care of these little people. We clothe them. Feed them. Play with them. Take them to school. Help with homework. Send them to their room. And we most of all, LOVE them unconditionally for the rest of their lives.

One day we may even hold them to cry. One day we walk them down the aisle. Watch our grandchildren be born. One day we celebrate them being a Mother on Mother’s Day. (Father on Fathers Day) So, to all the Mothers out there: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! May this day bring you all the happiness you deserve being the great woman you are.

After all we are Mothers. (And perhaps feel like we aren’t appreciated at times. We take care of our children not because it’s a job. We do it because we love them and want to take care of them.) So before you put our special day in order of it’s importance make sure you really know what it means to all Mothers, young and old. Anyway wouldn’t you rather celebrate a day you gave life than a day you turn one year older?

The best gift idea when you have a garden.

An herb bouquet.  This morning I was going to see a new friend.  I didn't want to go empty handed.  Taking the kids didn't count.  That may have even added to me wanting to take her something to show my appreciation.  

I went out this morning and cut some of my yummy herbs.

Herb Garden

Cilantro, chives, rosemary and basil.  Added a pansy or two and then tied with a ribbon. 

herb bouquet

Pretty and functional!!!

I love you, you love me. Right?

We all were outside yesterday afternoon so I took advantage of it and took a few random pictures.  I already posted one last night that is my NEW FAVORITE PICTURE!!! 

My huge tomato plant.

Huge Tomato Plant.

BEFORE:  This is the same tomato plant just after I planted it.


Yummy Basil.


Hot Pepper and Bell Pepper.

Bell Pepper and Hot Pepper

Baby Bell Pepper.

Baby Bell Pepper

Welcoming three new additions to my garden:



Two Flamingos.


Supermom and Baby M.

Supermom and Baby M

While outside I made a new friend.  I took a few pictures of him/her/it.  My family wouldn't let me make him/her/it a pet.  They said I needed to get out more.

Inch Worm?

Look at that adorable face!!

Inch worm?

I even thought it was cute when it pooped on the blanket. 

Maybe I do need to get out more.

My New Favorite Picture.

I have a monkey on my back.  Baby M.

Supermom and Baby M

A Day in My Life ~ May 7, 2010

First let me say that I am sorry I'm on this flower/garden picture taking kick.  I love watching my beauties grow with each passing day.  Plus, I like playing with the new camera!!!

Do you see what I see?  That would be a TOMATO!!!

tomato on plant

I have a baby bell pepper but I was unable to get a picture of it that wasn't blurry.  The white flower petals are hiding it from view.  (Bottom Left)

bell pepper blooming

Look at my hot pepper blooms!!!!

hot pepper blooming

Here are a few growth shots.  I love taking these series of photos.

Flower Blooming

Blooming Flower

I hope you enjoyed.

I'm letting you down.

Last night I was in a mood.  I was hurt.  Anxious.  Unsure.  I posted my feelings as my Facebook status.  Not Supermom's Facebook page but my personal one.   I was given great words of encouragement from my friends. 

I have a new friend who is actually a Supermom Fan.  She comments on Supermom's Fan Page so I friended her with my personal account as well. 

You're confused, I just know it.  Let me explain why I was hurt, anxious and unsure.

We have been struggling with schools for Lil O. We didn't make it into the Charter Schools that we applied for.  We are so far down on the waiting list that it's not going to happen.  No biggie.  So, Superdad went to look at a Montessori school down the road from our house.  He fell completely in love with it enough to TAKE the one spot that they had available.  Without talking to me.... 

So, I updated my Facebook status last night about how I was feeling about everything that unfolded that day.  I was worried about paying tuition for the school.  We are a one income family and Superdad's job has slowed down dramatically since the economy is shit right now.

I update my Facebook like someone would update their Twitter.  I have a Twitter account but I use TwitterFeed and it updates on its own when I blog about something.  Anyway......

The Supermom Fan commented this:  Michelle = most REAL on fb 

Then she followed up with an awesome comment:  I thought about this more and remembered a bible study long time ago:" for women only" by Shaunti Feldhahn and apparently it's more important to show your man you trust him even if you think he's making a big mistake ( i know crazy), but as an outsider it's great that he wants to make the best possible for you guys. I pray for your peace!:)

I do trust Superdad with all that I am.  I know he wants what is best for our family.  I was just hurt that he made such a big commitment without talking to me first.  (It would be LIKE me bringing home, lets say, a Yorkie and then telling him about it after the fact.)  I always talk to him before making any huge decision when it comes to our family and he should respect me enough to do the same. Calling after taking the spot to tell me about it doesn't count as including me in the process.

So, about me letting you down.  I'm sorry you don't get to read all my crazy up-to-date Facebook status changes.  I will try to do better and blog more about my feelings.  I just hate to be a complainer.  I don't want you to think, "OH NO!!  Supermom is complaining again.  Can that woman not be happy?"

I'm a bit better now.  This morning I got up and went on a tour of the Montessori School with Superdad and Lil O.  I was very impressed!!  V. E. R. Y.  The school is amazing.  I know that Lil O will fit in perfect there.  I guess I am glad that Superdad snagged the last spot yesterday.  I will continue to worry about the tuition though.  So, if any of my readers are wealthy with money to burn, call me and you can sponsor my kids education.  Seriously, call me.

I'm off to look for a Yorkie.

I actually watched Lost last night with Superdad.

~May contain spoilers from last nights show so read at your own risk~

After finishing my spring cleaning yesterday I had to debate if I wanted to go to bed or watch Lost with Superdad.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I FINISHED my spring cleaning.  Ahhh, such a relief.  I'm sure there are a few other things I could do but I'm satisfied. 

I ended up crocheting while watching Lost.  It was an intense episode.  I guess they are wrapping things up for the series finale this month.  I was almost in tears when a couple of the cast died.  It was touching.  ~gulp~ 

To be honest I really don't care about Lost.  I quit caring years ago.  Superdad is hooked though.  He loves Lost.  I know he will miss the series when it ends.  Sorry Superdad. 

I just want to see how it ends.  Will Desmond and Penny be together?  Will Jack stay on the island?  Is Juliette still alive in another time line?  Will Sawyer end up with Kate?  Or are they all dead to begin with?  Is Jacob like God or is he God?  Is fake Locke the devil?  Will Richard live forever???  What about Claire?  Is she cRaZy or will she end up with her son?  And WHAT THE F*** IS THIS ISLAND TO BEGIN WITH?!?!?!?

So I guess I will be watching the last three shows of Lost.  I just gotta know!!!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Blooming Garden

Lil O's flowers in the process of blooming and my bell pepper plant with a pretty white flower.

I'm having a SALE!!!

Our house is being taken over by cupcakes, cups of cocoa and cookies!!!!  So starting today my Only Ollie ETSY shop will have all Tea For Two sets and facial goodies HALF off with $3.00 shipping!!! 

It doesn't get any better than that!!!!

The Sex Survey Results are IN!!!!!

Yes, they are in!!!!!!!  I'm not too terribly shocked at the results.  I'm sure you won't be either.  Okay, here goes.

Question #1

How many times a week do you have sex?

THE WINNER:  1-2 times a week at 37.5%

I sort of figured that 1-2 times a week would be the norm.  I'm sorry to see that What's sex? had a high percentage.  Even though I fall in that category these days.  ~Sticking my tongue out at the braggers!~

Question #2

Do you have sex even if you aren't in the mood?

THE WINNER:  Sometimes at 47.9%

TISK TISK!!!!! I am in the THAT WOULD BE A NO Category!   I'm not having sex unless I want to have sex. 

Question #3

After having children has your sex life slowed down?

THE WINNER:  Yes at 73.2%

I'm guessing the No people are the What's Sex? people.  HA HA!!!  Sure, having children slows your sex life down. 

Question #4

Are you happy with your sex life?

THE WINNER:  There's room for improvement at 66.7%


When all else fails, do you masturbate?

THE WINNER:  Yes at 47.9%


If you could, would you have sex every day?

The men answer:

The women answer:

Did you notice that the men didn't answer NO for this question??  I also noticed that the women, including myself, voted NO the most!!! 

There you have it.  Don't feel bad, most of us aren't having sex like we'd like.  We just don't want to do it every single day.  Well, the men would like to.  Have it men, go masturbate!!  ~gentle smile~

Thanks to all that answered the anonymous survey!  It was fun seeing the answers roll in over the weekend.