Yes, your parents do have sex. With each other. Sometimes.

Let me explain the basket situation before I tell you the funny part.

The closet in our bathroom is organized by baskets.  There's a medicine basket, Superdad has a basket, I have a basket and Lil O has a basket.  All nice and neat.  Awhile back Superdad has some cologne spillage in his basket.  HE DOESN'T EVEN WEAR COLOGNE!!  It was a 25 year old bottle of cologne that he has hung onto.  He hangs onto everything!!!  So, with that spillage came the most excruciating physically sick migraine in my life.  I was sick for days.  I had to take everything out of his basket and rip out the lining.  It was awful.  I threw away all the cologne in that basket of his. 

So, yesterday I was tidying up the closet.  I touched his basket.  Whatever I did wafted that awful scent again!!!!  At first I wasn't sure where the awful smell was coming from.  Then it HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS!!!  It was on my clothes and my hands from picking up the basket.  I am assuming the cologne had soaked into the basket.

Again I became physically ill.  It was awful.  I had to take lots of my medication to be able to see straight.  I was unable to find someone to get teenage daughter for me so I had to leave the house, bad mistake.  There's a store right beside my house that has everything so I stopped by there and picked up two baskets.  Then I ended up calling Superdad to collect B2 from school.  I barely made it to the high school to get teen and make it home. 

Here's the funny part.

H was helping me fumigate the bathroom.  We were taking everything out of Superdad's basket so we could throw it away.  H was all, "Thanks A LOT MOM!" when she sees condoms in the basket.  "I am married, an adult and I do have sex."  I tell her.  Then she proceeds to find a pair of tweezers to pick up the condoms to take them out of the basket!  I was laughing through the tears of pain.  It was comical watching her pick condoms up with tweezers!!!!  I bet she didn't pick up the condom I found in her room with a pair of tweezers!!!  Now did she??????

I was in bed about 15 hours yesterday.  My head is still so-so.  I just made a pot of coffee and took more meds.  I hope today is better than yesterday.  At least I don't have to worry about that cologne anymore.  The basket has been thrown away!!!!!


Kelly said…
I'm so sorry about your headache!! I hope today is much better!

But, tweezers? That's a riot!