Well, you want your child to get into a fabulous Charter School? Well, get over it!

I blogged before about Lil O starting school in the Fall and about what school we want her to be in.  You can read all that HERE.

Let me say that the city school system for getting your kids into a school SUCKS!!!  REALLY SUCKS!!!  What happened to the days of living in a neighborhood and actually being able to send your child to the school IN YOUR AREA?  It's frustrating that we have to sit on eggshells just waiting to see where our child will be placed.  It could be at the school a minute from the house or it could be the school 15 minutes from the house.  Doesn't seem logical does it?  I won't even get into the subject about parents working and having to take their child to a school across town in the opposite direction from their work.

I'm trying really hard to not be bummed out BUT Superdad got me all bummed out last night.  There was this Charter School we really wanted to get Lil O in.  The lottery was last week and well, we didn't get one of the 17 spots available.  SEVENTEEN SPOTS AVAILABLE!!!!!  Out of about 130+ applicants.  INSANE CRAZINESS!!!!  Needless to say, the postcard said we are 96th on the waiting list for the 2010-2011 waiting list.  I can read between the lines there.  We aren't getting in.  SO, now what?

We wait and find out about the other lottery for the other Charter School we applied to.  Then we wait to find out where the CITY SCHOOL SYSTEM placed Lil O. 

I think this is utter bullshit. 

I heard they were going to change the system because it obviously doesn't work.  It is broken and must be fixed!  I want to be able to enroll my child in the school that is in our area and for her to go to school with kids in OUR AREA!!!!  Makes perfect sense to me.


Anyway, I tried to get back to my exercise challenge.  Didn't happen.  My ankle started to hurt. 


I have to go get H from high school, she doesn't feel well.  Go enjoy your life Supermom Fans!

NEVERMIND!  She called and said she was staying.

Between you and me, she broke up with her boyfriend and she's upset.  Why is young love so hard?!?!?!?

Now, where was I?

The Cupcakes for Cures is Saturday at the Grove Park Inn.  Come on by and say hello to me if you want.  You have to get tickets I believe.  You can read all about that HERE

So DONATE to the American Cancer Society and come and join the cupcake fun!!!!!!!! 


Mary Jane said…
SHE broke up with HIM? It took me way too long (you remember) to realize I was dating a loser... I'm so proud of her, hope she never lets a guy walk all over her EVER! She deserves to be treated like a princess, and if HE doesn't treat her like a princess, I say she should get rid of him and move on to the next :)