Week in Review.

Week in Review.

Already been out and about grocery shopping.  Enjoying coffee on da porch.  Goodness!!  I need make-up on and something to cover that pimple on my chin!  Next time I will do better.

Baby M turned 2 and B2 will be 12. 

My girls coming over later so we can talk about the boys we kissed in high school.

Time for our lunch pic-nic.


I also LOVE Love organic strawberries. I like the video bloggin!
Supermom said…
Anna said…
What pimple?
Anna said…
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Monica said…
I had a blast hanging out with you and Anna. But we always do!!! And What pimple?
Keshia said…
I know you already know this, but Lil O is BEAUTIFUL!! And I love her watermelon dress!