Week in Review & A Day in My Life.

Today you get a Week in Review AND A Day in My Life photo series. Enjoy!

Baby M tells us about Yo Gabba Gabba while wanting to nurse!! I feel like such a COW!

Kids only had two days off for Spring break which totally sucked! Beautiful weather.

I planned a birthday party for B2 and Baby M at The Health Adventure.

Cupcakes for Cures at the Grove Park Inn is tomorrow. I will be icing cupcakes in the morning!!!!

Okay, I have to go nurse a baby!

Yes, before I grabbed the camera she was wearing ONE GLOVE!

Lets play dress-up

Lets play dress-up

Lets play dress-up


Real Life Sarah said…
Hi!! I just stumbled on your blog, and I live in Boone, NC! Nice to meet an NC neighbor! Your kids are absolutely adorable.
Supermom said…
Nice to meet you Sarah!!!!

Mary said…
MIchelle how funny is little Mady, she knows what she wants and it is Ninny. Your haircut is so sassy and cute. I knew you wouldnt let it grow lol . You can carry off short styles like no one i know.
To bad Spring break was cut short the kids here got lucky, those days they missed school were considered part of the state of emergency declared by the governer so no make up for the kids.
Wishing you well with the cupcake contest. Post pictures for us all to see. Have a delightful weekend. We chilly here weather is crazy 5 days of 88 and now it is 44 and high today of 56. Have jeans on with long sleeve shirt and down filled vest go figure...

Happy Saturday to you and yours ps sucks Lil O did not get into the school you wanted. We are rather lucky the public schools are great here and offer all day K.

Supermom said…
Anonymous ~

Nope, not odd at all. It is a personal preference and sadly society looks down on breastfeeding moms. What a shame that a mother giving her baby the best is judged by others. You don't see bottle fed babies judged by sucking a bottle after two years old, do you?

Even young babies that have been taught sign language can ask for ninny before the age of one.

I think breastfeeding is an amazing gift and I am extremely proud to have breastfed all four of my babies.

Also, a former surgeon general of the US has commented that it is a lucky child who continues to be breastfed until age two.

BREASTFEEDING ROCKS and I'm sorry you thought it odd.

To each his own.