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Two blog posts in a single day! WOW!! I must love you guys!

I am going to try something again!  The first time I failed!!!  I WILL NOT THIS TIME!!!!

I've tried to challenge myself to cook for a week with only the things in the house.  It didn't work out.  I'm not sure why.  So, today I would have usually made a small list at hit the grocery but after looking through my cabinets I thought to myself CHALLENGE TIME!!!!!!

So, this week, we might can make it until Friday, I will cook with what we have in the house already! 

For dinner tonight I fixed a Potato Hash.  I chopped up an assortment of potatoes, including a sweet one, into very tiny cubes.  Added equally small cubed garlic and onions.  Add lots of salt, pepper and basil!!!  Pour on the olive oil and bake until done.  Stir a couple of times while cooking. 

I took some fresh asparagus and threw them in my skillet with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.  Cooked until done.  BUT NOT MUSHY!!

I then fried some eggs and scrambled some eggs for everyone.

To finish the meal off I took some tortilla shells and sprinkled them with butter, cumin, garlic and some other Indian red spice mixture that's in my kitchen and then toasted. 

The meal was YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OHMYGOODNESS!!  I will be adding this to the recipe rotation! 

Check back tomorrow to see what I've come up with.


Red Neck Diva said…
that sounded sooooo good i cain't wait for tomorrow's :)
Because I love drifting to your blog often, I thought you deserved an award from me! Please accept it! It is scheduled to be posted tomorrow morning!

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