This is where I hang my head in shame.

I didn't do my workout today.  It's all mother natures fault.  I admit it!  I started my period yesterday (I KNOW TMI!) so working out today was the very last thing on my mind.  Motrin and more Motrin was the only thing that was on my mind.  I really wished the lower half of my body would disappear.

To make my day better I did have lunch with my handsome Superdad downtown at one of our favorite places.  We then walked around the Grove Arcade and had frozen custard.  I love the Grove Arcade.  It's an amazing place!!!  I have always thought it romantic to live downtown, amongst all the action.  Maybe when the kids are out of the house we can do that.  I can dream right?

THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?

My BFF from back in the day was in town and she came over to my house for a visit.  It was awesome seeing her!!!!  She's awesome!  She's fabulous.  She's gorgeous!  She's all that and a bag of chips.

Superdad snapped this picture of us before she left.  It's not the best picture of us but it will have to do.

Since both of our names are Michelle, well her's is Michele with one "L", she started called me Twig in high school.  That way everyone could tell one Michelle from the other Michele.  It was nice going down memory lane today with Michele.  Michele and Twig back together again.  Kind of like a Lavern and Shirley reunion.  Wearing an "M" on my shirts does sound like something I would do.

Okay, I'm tired.  I don't feel good.  I just took a bath with the babies and now I'm going to sit on the couch while Superdad watches basketball.  GO HEELS!!!!