Poor Superdad. No one would want to be in his shoes...

...to have me as a wife.  He never knows what to expect from me.  My mind is constantly on the GO!!  I cannot sit still.  Literally my mind will not shut the F* up!  Really.  That's why I am on a medication for anxiety.  I am a  LIVE wire!!!!!  Superdad is not a live wire.  He's the procrastinator with many unfinished projects.  Sorry honey, but it's true.

So, back to having me as a wife.  He really doesn't know what to expect from me.  Like this morning I call him at work inquiring if we have a staple gun.  We don't.  How about push pins?  We did!  He told me where to find them on his work bench.  I was a happy little camper.  Skipping around in my slippers with the push pins, rubber mallet and the phone to my ear. 

The project at hand was artwork.  Our hallway is lined with artwork.  I use the back of the doors in the house instead of the walls. BEFORE:

Door Artwork Project

Pretty dull if you ask me!  I can do better than that!!! 

I did.

I took some fabric that my friend Renee gave me and fixed it to the top of the door.  I then used the push pins around the edge of both sides to hold yarn.  I wrapped yarn around the push pins to make a place to place the artwork. 

Door Artwork Project

No more tacky tape.  Artwork is on display and easy to change out!!!! 

Door Artwork Project


Door Artwork Project

I was going to do the other two closet doors in the hallway but I don't have enough push pins.  Bummer!!!

All done without a staple gun! 


Heather Nicole said…
oh i love it! very cute!!!
Supermom said…
Superdad said…
Superdad stepped on a pushpin in the hall last night. Fortunately I avoided the business end.
I celebrate your creativity (as long as no bloodshed is involved).
Supermom said…
I said I was sorry Superdad. :(

I would have kissed and made it better had you hurt yourself!!!

I love you,
Danielle Franklin said…
That is such a neat idea!!!!