Oh, well. Whatever.

It's Sunday.  Tomorrow will be Monday just in case you didn't already know this.  Yesterday was supposed to be a day filled with fun and laughter!  Instead it was filled with an awful migraine.  One that made me physically sick. 

We were at the Grove Park Inn for the Cupcakes for Cures for about 3 hours so it was very hard on me.  I just wanted to cry.  I came home popped two migraine meds and took a very hot bath.  Then I crawled into bed and just cried.  It was awful.  I eventually was taken into a med induced sleep and woke up feeling a bit better.  I took more medicine and when that kicked in I went to bed.  Today I'm still taking my meds but feeling much better.

I've been outside cleaning out flower beds and getting leaves up.  It's nice to see the yard looking better!!  Superdad built another frame for a raised garden bed.  He has one more BIG one to build then we will be set!  All the things I planted last week are doing swell.  Even with the cold weather and the threat of frost.  No, I haven't been covering them up. 

My desk is a mess.  I have reviews to do.  A giveaway to mail.  Things to sort.  Hopefully this week I can get my act together!  :)

I will leave you with a few random pictures from yesterday:

The display of my cupcakes.

Cupcakes for Cures

B2 and Baby M.

Cupcakes for Cures Grove Park Inn

Baby M.

Cupcakes for Cures Grove Park Inn

Lovely Lil O.

Cupcakes for Cures Grove Park Inn

A very head-achy Supermom.

Cupcakes for Cures Grove Park Inn

Chess anyone?

Cupcakes for Cures Grove Park Inn

She's off to see the Wizard.

Cupcakes for Cures Grove Park Inn

Mommy & Baby Love.

Cupcakes for Cures Grove Park Inn


guurrrl said…
Migraines suck...they are evil! The cupcakes look so yummy! The pictures of the family are gorgeous. It looks like everybody had fun. I'm glad you are feeling better.