Let's have another baby, baby.

Even as a young girl I wanted to have lots of babies and just be a Mom.  I also wanted to be a teacher and join the Navy but changed my mind.  My motherly instinct must have come from helping raise my little sister.  I was eight years old when she came along.  I guess I was happy about having a sister, at first.  I changed my mind when she started messing up my things and painting my pet cat with fingernail polish.  Poor Snowball. 

I am very proud to be the mother of four children.  Four wonderful children.  Four happy children.  They are awesome.  Everyone should have a couple of kids, or four.  Kids are pretty cool. 

Here lately I've been toying with the idea of having another baby.  Not right now but I don't want the door shut for forever.  I will be 36 next month and wonder when my time of having babies will be up.  I remember being a young girl and excited that when my period came I would be able to have children one day.  I was blessed with four.  Now, I'm seeing all that behind me as I enter my late 30's.  My period came and made me able to have children. One day it will be gone and I will be unable to have children.  Kind of sad. 

My best friend Mary Jane is pregnant with her first child.  She will be 30 this June.  I think of her enjoying all the firsts!!!!! that I've gotten to enjoy four times!!!  It never gets old!  Otherwise I wouldn't be trying to talk Superdad into having another baby.

Am I being selfish for wanting another baby since I have four healthy children??  I don't care if I am.  I want another baby and I know I would be disappointed if I don't have another one.

I hope that my future holds another lil baby to love and to have my family love.  We are a special group of people with lots of love to share.


Teresa E said…
I have actually been thinking of having another baby. It took us 8 long years to have Jadyn and she is such a blessing: ) I'm just not sure if I can handle all the emotional stress from infertility treatments again. I do believe that if it is in Gods plan that we will be blessed with another child: )
H said…
please.....no...no......no......ohhhhhh no.........please...pretty please.....:/
L.Howerter said…
I am 41 and pregnant with my second, the first was born 19 years ago :)
You have plenty of time! Go for it!
Julie said…
It's never selfish to want another baby. We have 4 also (12,10,7 & 4) I am so thankful for each of them. I know that 4 is the perfect number for us, but if your heart is telling you more (and SuperDad agrees) I so GO FOR IT!!!
15 to 20 years, grandchildren, maybe so nothing to be sad about. I am done but if you have the patience to have another, go for it.
Supermom said…
Teresa ~ Yeah, I mentioned to Superdad about stopping our BC and just see what happens. He didn't fall for it. :)

My Teenage Daughter ~ Hush you!

L Howerter ~ Thanks! Congrats on your second baby.

Julie ~ Thank you for the kind words!! It's nice to meet another mom of four!

Living it ~ Thanks for your comment!!
Laurel said…
I think you should enjoy these & wait for grands, I know I am. I see a certain set of people I know messing up & I can't wait to show 'em how it's done. This of course is just my O, you do what you feel you need to.
Olga said…
Michelle, I don't think it is at all! I think it's wonderful you want to have another baby. My best friend's sister-in-law and brother have five children ages seventeen months to nine years, and she's only 29! I think it's wonderful you want to share another baby with your husband. I wish you the best of luck :)

Danielle Franklin said…
Have as many kids as you want! I say more power to ya! You've still got some time before you decide on anything!