Let me tell you about my night!!!!!!!!! MAY BE NSFW!!!

After being used a a human pacifier night before last I knew that I had to come up with plan B.  So, last night I decided to NOT give Baby M her ninny during the night. 

It was AWFUL!!!

Seriously, she screamed at the top of her lungs, "I WANT NINNY!!!!!" while she was kicking the bed and swinging her arms.  I was strong though and didn't cave in every time she went for my boob.  I talked and offered to rub her back and eventually she would go back to sleep.  On her own.  Without using my boob as her pacifier.

Then LOOK what Superdad emailed me this morning:

Happy vs Sad

NO, those aren't my breasts.  Not even close to my breasts.  I emailed him back TWO WORDS.


His emailed back, "After your night last night I knew it would make you laugh."

Times like this I wish Baby M would take a pacifier!!!!!!

Superdad said he's sleeping on the couch until this little project is complete.


Keshia said…
I feel your pain. I am used as a pacifier also. I'm not brave enough to tell him no boob though. I need my sleep lol