I bet there's a book for that.

Well, Lil O picked out her books at the library all alone this time. It has been interesting to say the least.

Right now we are explaining why the kitty is crying. Her parents don't love each other and mommy cheated with the mailman and they are divorcing. Baby M is obsessed with the crying kitty.

So, we have one about divorce.

The other is about the daddy getting cancer and dying. Seriously.

If you want to break anything to your kids just visit the local library's kid section.


Courtney said…
Very true...and I would know. Haha
(children's librarian)
Supermom said…
CK ~ They should come with warning stickers! LOL

I bet there's one for,

No, there is no Santa.

The tooth Fairy isn't real either.

Mom's got a Girlfriend.

Daddy Started Drinking Again.

Life Sucks, Just DEAL!
Anonymous said…
My ex gave my 4 and 2 yr. old "The Dinos' Divorce" back when we were going through it. The book mysteriously vanished after the chapter re-enacting Daddy Dino dating dinos half his age and Mommy Dino guzzling vodka.