How many letters are in the alphabet?

I'm sure my babies will be asking me this soon enough.  Then they will realize that we don't have all 26 magnetic letters on the fridge.  Should I just mess with them and tell them 20?  You know, be real adamant about there only being 20 and whoever says there are 26 must be cRaZy?!??!  Hmmmm.... I will have to think about this.

Where are the other letters you ask???

Well, today I know I vacuum up a few that were beside the fridge.  I heard the clanging in the vacuum canister.  Maybe 3-4 were sucked up.  No, I didn't fish them out.  Eweeee, have you seen the stuff I empty from the canister???  No way was I going to pilfer though dust and teenage daughters hair to find the missing letters in the alphabet.  NO FREAKING WAY!!!!! 

Since there were already missing letters I am sure they won't even notice the ones I vacuumed up today.  There are only 20 letters in the alphabet!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I'm feeling much better today!  Thanks for all the well wishes!!  You guys are awesome.  I want to tell you that Cupcakes for Cures raised over $6000.00 for the American Cancer Society Saturday at the Grove Park Inn.  ~CLAPPING~  I think that is awesome! ! ! !

It just touched my heart yesterday when Phil Mickelson won the Masters.  To learn his mom and wife were both diagnosed with breast cancer in the past year just makes me sad.  To see his pretty blond haired wife in his embrace at the end was just amazing!  WTG PHIL!!! You deserve all this glory!!!! 

Something to think about:

My peeps say that Supermom has stalkers.  Personally I just call them dedicated fans!


Red Neck Diva said…
very cute :) lol