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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

Happy Birthday my Sweet Baby M.

Happy Birthday Maddie ! ! !

It's hard to believe that two years ago I had already had my cesarean and was holding my precious Baby by this time.  You can read all about the birth of Baby M here and here

Mommy meets Baby M.

Mommy meets baby.

We've already opened presents this morning.  She's happily playing with her talking Dora house as I type this.  There are Dora puzzle pieces all over the floor and markers for her Dora coloring book everywhere.  I bet you cannot guess what the "theme" was for her gifts.  She's a DORA FREAK!!!!!  That girls a Dora FREAK!!!

I will post some pictures later of the birthday girl not in her birthday suit though.  I will wrangle some clothes onto her some how!!!!!!!  She's turned into a streaker BTW!!!  ~shaking head~

I'm back on my cooking challenge!!  Who's your Supermom??!??!?!

Yesterday we enjoyed Bean Burgers, mac & cheese and steamed broccoli.  For dessert I sliced and toasted some pumpkin bread with butter.

Today it's looking like pancakes and bacon for dinner.  I can fry up some eggs as well.  WOOT WOOT!!! 

Tomorrow I will have to break down and hit the grocery store though because I've never seen the cabinets and fridge so BARE!!!!!!  Now would be a good time for me to clean them out.  Hmmmm.....


Happy Birthday Baby M. They grow up so fast, don't they?
Kelly said…
Happy Birthday Baby M. What a sweet picture!
Supermom said…
Thank you!

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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

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