Feel free to masturbate why don't you.

You can shut your mouth and wipe the drool from your chin.  Yes, I AM GOING THERE!!!!   Too many people think masturbation is something you don't talk about.  I think those people are wrong.  While planning to blog about this topic I, of course, did a search on the WWW.  Doing so I found this AWESOME site!!!!!!!! 

Scarleteen, Sex Ed for the Real World

I found a site that offers just the truths!  As a parent I want my kids to know all the facts and know when something is fiction.  Like, "NO it will not fall off if you don't TOUCH IT!!! " Know what I mean???

Teens don't want to know their parents are having sex much less ask them certain questions.  Handy dandy books are great for kids, I know this because I have bought a few.  I also know they have questions to ask and won't always feel comfortable asking a mom or dad all the time.  That website I mentioned earlier may be something you as a parent can bookmark for later.  Just a friendly tip.  Don't just give it to your teen to look themselves.  Talk about it first!!  Take a look yourself to make sure you agree with that is being said.  You know, responsible parent behavior. 

Okay, back to masturbation.  I think it's something to talk to your kids about.  It's important for them to know it's a natural thing.  It's nothing to be embarrassed about.  There's nothing wrong with giving yourself pleasure.  Girls need to know that they can make themselves feel good without a boy even being present.  Here's a great link from Scarleteen that you can even print out and put on your teens bed. 

Is Masturbation Okay?

Masturbation is not bad for you physically, sexually or emotionally -- unless it is something you simply do not WANT to be doing -- and can be, in fact, quite good for you. It's been almost twenty years since the American Medical Association declared masturbation a normal and healthy sexual activity, and even then, it was long overdue.


So, Supermom says, "Go forth and Masturbate!" 

Let's get this party started and comment with your thoughts about teaching kids all about Masturbation and knowing they can make themselves feel awesome all on their own.  No second party needed. 


Kelly said…
I agree with everything you said!! As I often do!
Kelli said…


Here's a website that you might find interesting and related to your topic. It's got some good stuff! :)
Im a huge fan of masturbation :) I started very early - it's funny that it's expected of young boys but always so taboo for young girls - I say up with masturbation and down with std's..hee hee! GREAT post! You ROCK!
Olga said…
Michelle, I do agree with you even though I am not really much of a participate. I think if I did not have a healthy sex life with my husband, I probably would, but I honestly can't recall the last time I did so myself.
Anonymous said…
I most definatly agree! It brings up a funny comment me and you were laughing about my Aunt B when we went to the mall about vibrators. (dunno if you remember that lol) Masturbation can do wonders, relieve stress, keep you warm on a cold night, show that you DONT need some guy to love you, after all, you have to love yourself before loving anyone else! For some reason, I keep forgetting how cool you are and not like some of the 'other' members in our family! lol -D
Danielle Franklin said…
first of all, i MUST say I LOVE your quote 'go forth and masturbate!' LOL (wow didn't know this was an old blog till just now) (got it from twitter) (in fact i see one of my old comments from above) shutting up now! :)