Do you do the bunny?

I know that Easter has already passed but I wanted to hear your spin on Easter and the Easter Bunny.

Here at our house the kids get small baskets on Easter morning.  Do they come from the Easter Bunny?  No, they don't.  They come from mommy and daddy.

In fact Lil O asked me if there was a bunny to which I told her, "no".  Seriously?  I can handle Santa because he's jolly and cool.  Kids love believing in him and the goodies he brings.  But I had to draw a line with the Easter Bunny. 

I even go along with the Tooth Fairy.  But, shaking head, we don't do the bunny.

Do you do the bunny??   I found this Easter Bunny on Wikipedia.


Red Neck Diva said…
I don't really do the bunny thing either. I do santa and thats about it. I did the tooth fairy with teen j because she had a tooth that she broke as a young child and i always told her that when she lost it the tooth fairy was going to pay big but other than that i don't do any of the rest.
Keshia said…
Cooper has gotten a basket with age appropriate goodies for both Easter's in his lifetime. He is too young to say "this is from the easter bunny" but I haven't decided if we will or not. My younger cousin had a bad reaction when she found out about santa so we will probably keep the lies to a minimum. We do Santa and will do the tooth fairy, but thats probably it.
Kelly said…
I used to put together a basket of sorts for my daughter, but I didn't say that it was from the Easter bunny. I did put it out so that she would find it right away in the morning. I don't remember her asking, I assumed that she knew it was from me.
Julie said…
nope, no bunny here. I never felt right celebrating the fact that Jesus died and rose again by telling my kids that a "bunny" brought them a basket full of candy.
Melissa said…
We do the Easter Bunny, but my kids are old enough to know that it probably isn't real. We go to church, and my kids know the true meaning of Easter, but I feel if I'm going to take away the Easter bunny,then I might as well take away the basket of goodies, the egg coloring and hunt. Those have nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus but we still partake in the fun.
Supermom said…
I don't think that just because you take away the bunny you have to take away the baskets and eggs.

Dyeing the eggs is just an excuse to spend time with my family and doing something entertaining.

I also enjoy putting them a basket together and they enjoy getting their basket.

I just think the bunny is creepy and I'm glad I don't have to do it.

Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus and being thankful for everything in your life.

So, I can check that off my list because that is how we spend it without making up a fictitious bunny character that lays eggs. Really? HA HA!!