Day Two

I've been cooking this morning!!!  I even have dinner already planned out. 

Breakfast ~ The babies had oatmeal.

Lunch ~ Lucky leftovers with some pasta I made.

Dinner ~ I will be making salmon burgers.  I made the buns this morning.  I'll make some mac & cheese and steam some broccoli to go with the meal.

This morning I made two loaves of white bread and eight hamburger buns.  I also made 12 pumpkin muffins and 2 loaves of pumpkin bread.  The loaves have assorted nuts in them and the muffins do not.  The babies don't do nuts.  That way everyone can have muffins/bread for a quick breakfast or snack!   (I didn't have enough sugar for the pumpkin bread and muffins so I used sweetened coconut flakes instead.  IT WORKED AWESOMELY!!!)

I wonder what I will create tomorrow to feed the family?

Baking bread and muffins.

Baking bread and muffins.

Baking bread and muffins.


Mrs. Ma'am said…
Wow, you're awesome. Looks like you got it down! I would love to have dinner at your house!