Asheville HEARTS President Obama and Michelle.

Our town is all abuzz with the President and First Lady arriving today for a weekend getaway!  Heck, I'm even cleaning house myself!!!!!  Obama has been here before and really enjoyed his time here!!!  Of course he would!  It is Asheville!  I'm proud to be a Native to these parts!

I live in the area of the Grove Park Inn which happens to be where they are staying so yesterday there was lots of air traffic patrolling the area.  I hear that Air Force One will be landing at our airport after lunch today!!!!  HOW EXCITING!!!! 

We love you Obama!!!  I hope you find your cardboard cutout and pose for a picture while you are here!!!!!!! 

My friend Autumn LOVES OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

Please enjoy your stay!!!!!!


autumn m said…
in exchange for me letting you post my pic on your blog, i'm afraid i'm going to need to be rewarded with, um, let's say a waffle iron!!! :-) he-he!!!

i stalked that guy down on twitter so i could get my pic taken with him, now to find the 'real' pres & get a photo, let me know if you see him walking around beaver lake!
Supermom said…
LOL!! I thought you'd love the fact that I used your pretty face next to the Man!!!!

As for the waffle iron, that's purely chance!!! :)

I hope you have a fab weekend and if I see him you'll be the first I call.
autumn m said…
i just tweeted it again, i hope your getting all these!! :-)

i can taste those yummy waffles already!
Supermom said…
Oh, I'm getting them!!! :)