Who's your Momma??!?!?!?!?

I just completed my workout!!!  Bringing the total to SEVEN!!!!  Sizzle!  I'm hot!! 

Today was an awesome workout.  I was able to stay in the game 20 minutes.  Seriously this workout is INSANE!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!  It's kicking my butt for sure.

I needed to work off the cupcakes and icing from last night.  HA HA!!!  I liked the cupcake recipe that I tried yesterday.  So, that's the one I will use for the competition.  I'm ready!!!!!  Bring on the cupcake wars!!  All for a good cause I add, the American Cancer Society!!!!  Have you donated yet?  If not, why?? 

Sooo, hanging head, I watched some of that stupid show Dancing with the Stars while waiting for Castle to come on.  Seriously!!  Kate go home to your kids.  You cannot dance!!!!!!!  I bet Jon is laughing his head off when he tunes into the telly to watch.  Sorry if that was a bit harsh BUT I was told to never tell a LIE!!!!

Okay, I am not going to Kate bash because she makes it tooo easy.

I leave you with this picture.  My workout clothes.  Aren't they adorable?!?!?

You didn't think I would really show you a full body shot now did you?  Maybe after my 60 days!!!


Vanessa said…

I'm on day 2 and cursing at that man!! I had to double up on my bras because the ladies fly everywhere with just the one! My legs are jello and I'm surprised my spelling is decent!
Supermom said…
Vanessa ~ Today will be day 9 for me.

I'm really loving it though.

Good luck to you!!!!!