Where are my disco boots?

In the morning the babies love to listen to loud music in the van as we take kids to school.  It's become our morning thing!  Loud music as we dance in our seat.  This morning their favorite was Madonna ~ Hung Up.

It brought back some memories of when I would club on the weekends while the freshly turned 21 year old boys would try to impress me with their buying beer ability.  I say it like that because I was older and didn't have a thing for younger boys.  I did have some fun though.  I love music.  I love dancing.  I love forgetting everything as the music takes over.  Add a few drinks to the night and fun was had by all. 


The sun is shining and I heard a rumor that the weather will be in the 60's today.  I think this is the calm before the storm.  I know there will be more snow!!!  I don't mind though.  I enjoy the snow.  The kids are getting pretty tired of it though because it just means more Saturday school for them.  Saturday school for them means a mini vacation for us though.  I'm just sayin'...

Did I tell you that my Lil O has a birthday this week?  The big one!  FIVE!!!!  Yep, on Thursday my Lil O will be five.  I seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.

Sniff.  That's my Lil O a few hours after she was born.  I'm going to have emotional difficulty with my Lil O turning five.

Okay, the house phone will not stop ringing/  You'd think I was popular or something.