What THE!?!?!? I have a pimple and it won't go away!!!

Here I am doing my exercise challenge, started an antibiotic for my cold and getting better and THEN I get a PIMPLE!!!!! 

Actually, I've had it a few days but it just WON'T go away!!!!!  I feel like I am going through puberty or something.  I'm using pimple gel and cover up like my teenage daughter!!!!! 

I finished workout #6 today.  It was a killer one.  I wasn't able to workout as long as I have been because I just didn't have the strength.  That's okay though because I was able to work out the best I was able to.  At least I am getting some exercise which is more than I have in the past. 

It's the typical Monday.  Kids are in school.  House is cleaned and the laundry is caught up.  Until everyone makes it home that is.  I even gave the babies a bubble bath.  Then I worked like a mad woman trying to cover up this pimple the size of Canada on my chin!  Really it is that big.  No, I will not take a picture.  Lets just say you can give the pimple its own zip code. 

Spring cleaning fever has hit me.  I've been tiding up closets and getting a Goodwill pile started in the basement.  My family better hide what they want to keep or it's OUTTA HERE!!!!!!  I have no problem tossing things out.  They know this.  Someones junk is another persons treasure!!!  I was just wondering if I'd taken my anxiety medication because of all this THROW OUT tendencies today.  Yes, I have.  It must be the shining sun and the warm weather that is making me SPRING CLEAN then.

Enjoy your Monday Supermom Junkies!!! 


I play connect the dots with my back pimples. I suppose I'm not an adult yet.
Supermom said…
Mikey ~ TMI!!! LOL

I could play connect the dots with all my freckles!