Week in Review.

Yes, you read that right.  Please excuse the poor quality.  Remember I don't have a working camera.  I am using B2's camera at the moment and it doesn't do video well.  Superdad is narrowing the camera choices down now to purchase one like this week.  Right Superdad????

So go grab the popcorn and watch this flick.

I talk about kids making all A's on their report cards.  Finding the perfect recipe for my cupcakes for Cupcakes for Cures at the Grove Park Inn on April 10, 2010.  Come help out the American Cancer Society. 

Lil O makes it impossible to video today.  You almost get to see Supermom show her parenting skillz.

I talk about my crazy exercise challenge.  I even say the F word.  Shame on me!  I will go wash my mouth out with soap for you.


Keshia said…
Just wanted to let you now.. You skin looks AWESOME! I can't tell if you are wearing makeup or not, but either way, you look gorgeous!
Supermom said…
Thanks Keshia!!

I only have face powder on and of course cover up on the pimple the size on Canada.

I use the Clinique 3 step cleaner and all clinique products. I have for years!!!

I won't use anything else on my face.