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Week in Review.

Sitting in carpool at the high school.

We went to Target today to shop for the birthday girl.  Lil O will be 5 next week.

Kids are finally back in school after missing three days because of the snow.

Enjoy your weekend.


Mary said...

Hi Michelle I am now complete that you did a week in review, I hope you have the car heater on. Three snow days an you have no coat on lol. OMG the mom in me is coming out. I love your hair longer are you going to leave it to grow>
Its darling, glad you had a productive day, LIL O almost 5 omg, school girl in the fall. Have a wonderful weekend.

Michael DeAntonio said...

I wonder what the other parents thought when they saw you talking to yourself.

Supermom said...

Thanks Mary! I'm going to let it grow for a bit.

Mikey ~ I hope they thought I was talking to the babies in the car!


Monica said...

in the car.. love it...lol