This is where Supermom sends her first HATE email to TARGET.

And you know how much I love TARGET.   Until...

My email to TARGET will explain my frustration!!!!

I am writing in regards to our return experience today. I have lost faith in Target and how Target takes care of its customers. Especially when it comes to a Target brand. We are loyal Target shoppers even though there are stores closer to our home. I brag about my love for Target all the time in fact.

We have been using Target diapers and even wipes for years on our children. I brag about the diapers to others because I have always loved them compared to name brand diapers. We recently bought a brand new box of diapers in a larger size for our youngest daughter. She developed a rash/hives on her body where she didn't want to wear clothes. It took me a day or two to go through all the changes in the house and mark them off one by one. Then I realized we just opened a new box of Target brand diapers. Also there was the fact the rash/hives was where her diaper touched her skin. Around her legs, on her lower back, her lower belly and her butt cheeks.

We figured there would be no problem with the return and Target would stand by their Target brand products. I was wrong. The manager couldn't even come talk to us in person, she told the cashier over the walkie talkie that with no receipt there could be no exchange.

I'm the manager of a drug store chain and I will end this email with one question to you,

"Why would I want to spend my hard earned money in a store that will not back up their own Target brand?"

I'm really disappointed with Target right now and don't see myself shopping there in the future. 
Thank you for your time.
Michelle Lee @

Okay, technically I'm not the manager of the drug store since I now work from home since I had baby #3 and #4.  STILL!!!!  I would stand by MY STORE BRAND and make it right to the customer!

If we don't have our customers then we don't have a business.


you are absolutely right! and they suck ass for not making it right! the manager should be dealt with!
Heather Nicole said…
oh no! i love target diapers! actually i have been unable to find them and had to resort to walmart brand and huggies. i may be glad i couldnt find any after reading this! so sorry!
Vanessa said…
Good for you! I believe everyone needs to voice their opinions. Especially on a product you have been using and bragging about for years.

I hope you get a response soon!
Red Neck Diva said…
you are right they should stand by their product. I hope they make it right by you and i know i am like you and wouldn't shop there anymore
AshevilleNurse said…
I too find Target to the be the greatest store ever. I feel that the manager should be held accountable along with the store for your frustrations. Working in a hospital, if a patient is not happy about their care we give them a person they can talk to personally if they are present or an access to that person via e-mail or phone number so that the matter can be discussed. Good for you.

Let us know how the situation is resolved. (I hope positively, I would hate to have to boycott one of my favorite stores due to some incompetent managerial member!!)
Supermom said…
Thanks everyone!!!! I am very thrilled to say that the rash is gone. We ended up buying some Pampers Cruisers for her. It was like magic!!!! My poor baby looks so much better now and I know she isn't hurting/itching.

Still no word from Target. I'm just disappointed/frustrated/angry about the WHOLE situation.
It's ok to lie to get your point across.
Supermom said…
Well Mikey, I managed a drug store up until I had Lil O. I just never went back after my maternity leave was up. Maybe later I will venture back.