Things I have done while sick this week.

Agreed to make totes for H's class.  They are filling them with toiletries and taking them to the womens shelter along with teddy bears for the kids.

All I have to do it sew them together.

Make A LOT of face scrubbies and washcloths.

All Face Scrubbies

I even cut my own hair!!!!  I just cut the back, sides and cleaned up the top.

I think I did a half decent job.

I'm ashamed that I have even watched Maury!!!  You are NOT the father!!!!!  I couldn't help it!!  There was nothing else on.  The NCIS marathon hadn't started yet so had time to kill.

You still love me right??


Red Neck Diva said…
yea mam we still love you. Your hair is to cute and the scrubbies are so cute i may have to buy some of those.Hope you feel better soon :)
Keshia said…
OMG I love NCIS! lol
Supermom said…
Thanks. :)
MamaTink said…
Good job on the hair! I never had guts to cut more than my bangs!