Teenage daughters!! Can I get a refund or exchange?

Having a teenage daughter is frustrating.  Mentally draining in fact.  All those raging hormones about to pounce on anyone that talks to them.  For example every single time we talk to hormonal teenager she gets defensive and thinks we are attacking.  Even a simple question like, "Have you finished your homework?" can bring out evil red eyed hormonal teenager.

This morning I'd about had enough.  I told her, "STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE I AM THE HIRED HELP!!!  I am on your SIDE!!  You don't seem to appreciate that!  I will always want the best for you and I will do WHATEVER it takes for you to have it!"

She still won't get it.  To her I was never a teenage girl and I don't know shit.  SHRUG!! 

Was I really that bad when I was a teenager?  I'm sure it was close.

My poor mamaw.  My mamaw has always been and will continue to be MY HERO!!!  She did in fact put up with me and my hormonal teenage behavior.  That amazing woman will be 80 in June as a matter of fact!  We are preparing a bash for her!!!  H will be 16 in June as well so we are have a doubly big par-tay for them!  I want the best for them.  Always have and always will.

Just think I have TWO MORE GIRLS TO BECOME HORMONAL TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!  At least I have my son, right?  He will love me unconditionally and take care of me when I forget who I am.

Yeah, I can always fall back on that.


I can relate to the teenage daughter and the hormonal changes....Sometimes when you think it won't get better just believe it will. I'm a mother to a 14 yr young daughter that is now a mommy herself. So on top of the changes in her as a teenager I'm dealing with the changes of being a nana and her adjusting to being the mom:) Take care and Happy Early B~Days to them both!! Happy BLogging
Katie Mae said…
Oh Michelle... I feel your pain, I really do! I keep being told it gets better and to be patient, but ummm this is why I'm on medication and have insomnia! MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER!

Keep up the good work dear, H doesn't have purple hair, a pierced tongue or brands on her belly... you are doing a much better job than some of us ;)
I am so frightened about those teenage years. I have 3 daughters NO sons.
MY mom says I wasn't that much of a pain in the butt when I was a teenager but I don't believe her.
Some days I was probably pretty rotten.
I'm sorry for that. At least I grew out of that behavior.

hormones..they bite.
Monica said…
Wondering if supermom wants to run away to my house for a while...lol
Supermom said…
City Girl ~ WOW!!!! That's a lot to absorb. I wish everyone the best. That's a life changing event.

WKRP ~ I hear ya!!!

One ~ Be very afraid! HA HA!! I tease. No I don't.

Monica ~ Why bother? They'd just sniff me down like a bloodhound!
Kelly said…
I know what you are talking about. Oh boy, do I know what you are talking about!!

Hugs and strength!
Red Neck Diva said…
yea it is hard and they do think we don't know anything but i do hope this passes. I wish you all the luck in the world and i hope you enjoy all the up comming partying you will be doing :)