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Something to think about...

With all the snow we had this past winter the kids missed a lot of school.  Albeit some of those days should have been a delay instead of being canceled but I don't decide that.  Soooooo, this past Saturday the kids in the county had to go to Saturday school.  At first I thought it would make parents upset that they had to get up on their day off and get the kids to school.

I was wrong.

Usually in the morning I see grumpy parents gulping coffee getting ready to head to work.  I'M LATE!!!!! type behavior.

Until Saturday.

I saw happy people.  Smiling people.  Moms and Dads dressed laughing and such.  Not a care in the world.

You know what they were thinking?

"HOT DAMN!!! It's a Saturday and since the kids are in school I can do SOMETHING I want to do for the next FIVE HOURS!"

Yep, I saw some happy people Saturday morning at the school while dropping H off. 

I guess I was the only one grumpy because I had to get up and take my kids to school while wearing my pj's.


Red Neck Diva said…
lol hey i was to so your not alone
Anonymous said…
I'm on your side with this. Being a night shifter at our local hospital. I was not happy to have my sleep interrupted by picking up my child. And then to discover what he learned in Saturday school was how to excel at Go Fish!

Supermom said…
KS ~ You're joking, right?

GO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would totally push me over the edge!

Your work schedule is messing with my playdate invites. I TEASE!!!!

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