Poof, then it's gone.

Good Sunday morning.  I totally hated the quality of that Week in Review that I posted yesterday.  TOTALLY HATED!!!!  Remember a certain baby or lil girl dropped my camera and broke it so I have been using my sons digital camera.  Needless to say his isn't as good as mine sooooooo.

I deleted it off my blog. 

You'll just have to wait until next Friday for another Week in Review.

I'm back to my daily grind.  I'm going to cook all week this week.  I started yesterday off by making two loaves of bread and hamburger buns.  I made chicken stock and used it to make dressing.  I found some leftover assorted breads in the freezer so I used them.  It was YUMMY!!!!!!  I then prepared the chicken mixture for the tacos I will be making tomorrow.  ALL WITHOUT HOT WATER I ADD!!!

Our hot water heater died Friday night.  Superdad bought this new hybrid one yesterday and it will be delivered today.  The plumber, hopefully without a crack, will be here Monday morning to install it.  GIVING ME HOT WATER.

You never know how much you will miss something until you don't have it.  I guess that applies to everything in your life.  Right?

Then as the hot water was dying and stinking up the house I caught my stove eye on fire!  I know how to do it RIGHT!!!!  I was just boiling water!!  I smell something odd and turn around to flames!!  I didn't panic MUCH.  For some stupid reason I started blowing the flames out.  I really didn't want to pour that WHOLE pot of water on the flames.  It worked, the blowing that is.  My mamaw said it was the element going bad because that's how hers happened.  Superdad bought me a new one yesterday so I will try that baby out this week.  Maybe I won't catch the stove on fire again.  ~shaking head~

I made the totes for H's club at school.  It took longer than I had thought.  The 20 are finished!

They turned out rather well for a first try!!!  If you'd like to donate anything to this great cause just comment below and I can tell you how.  **The totes will be filled with toiletries and taken to the womens shelter.  They will also be taking new stuffed animals for the children!**  You can always send $ to my paypal account and I can buy the toiletries or stuffed animals for you!!!  That would be SWELL!!!!

Anyway, must go play Supermom. 


Red Neck Diva said…
Great post. Your weekend review was great i loved listening to the beautiful the baby was reading. I hope you have had a great weekend.
I know where you're coming from- our water pump died a few weeks ago.

Funny thing is, we always had water problems here- running out, have to go outside to reset it, etc...

With the new pump, we have not run out yet!

We probably had a defective pump all along- and it was 10 years old. The guy that installed it (10 yrs ago)added the reset button and said that was all he could do...

10 years of going outside in all kinds of weather...

grrrr...and brrrr...
I am very excited that I have stumbled upon this blog! Im your newest follower. Mind if i stop in from time to time?
Supermom said…
We have HOT WATER and it's awesome!

SB ~ Thanks for stopping by and stop by ALL THE TIME!!!

Welcome to my madness.
Michelle :)