It's that time! Picking a school perfect for Lil O.

We cannot believe that our Lil O will be five this coming week.  Time sure does fly!!!  With turning five comes starting school in the Fall.  It's really sad for me to think about my little shy O is going to start school.  I'm not liking it one bit I might add.

Schools have always been a topic of discussion in our house.  Superdad went to a snotty private school.  I say that with a smile on my face because I have to tease him.  I, on the other hand, went to a public county school.  I can say without a doubt in my mind that Superdad got an excellent education!!  EXCELLENT!!!  Much better than I did.  I can admit that without having a problem!  It's the age old question.

Do public schools offer the same education as private schools?

So, here's our situation.  Superdad would love for Lil O to go to his school but there's no way we can afford 12,000.00 just for Kindergarten.  The price goes up with each grade I add.

We really don't want to throw our shy baby into a public school setting.

Our choices:

A Montessori School

A Charter School

Or a much smaller private school with lower tuition.

I think every child deserves the best education they can get!  I think that is something that the USA has let slide over the years.  A LOT!   Do not get Superdad started on education!  HA HA!!  Like I have stated before, it's something that has been talked about A LOT in our house.

Our goal this week.

Visit a Montessori School and a Charter School.  Details to come.


Anna said…
Ummmm, you also have an excellent magnet school right up the road called Claxton that has fabulous teachers and a great curriculum. It also exists in the real world with people from all walks of life and colors of skin. It's important for kids to learn to live in the real world. Of course, you want the very best for your child, I understand that. I just think that with the right support at home, public schools can be just as edifying as private. And you've already paid for them. A kid will get out of school what they put into it, and even the best education can be wasted on someone who doesn't take full advantage. I went to public schools all the way through college and my teachers recognized that I had talent and supported me accordingly. I think I turned out OK.
Mrs Furious said…
Well it is more complicated they have to apply and may or may not get into Claxton. In two years we haven't gotten into Claxton or Dickson (the other top rated public choice). Same goes with Charters. I highly recommend Francine Delany (charter) you have to have your application in soon (March 30th!!! for all the charters). You need to go and have an orientation before they'll let you apply. I would absolutely apply to all of them (3) since it is very unlikely you'll get accepted. Also I'd fill out the public school for (also due soon!!! March 15th!!! and you need it in or you'll not snag a good spot) with Claxton, Dickson & Jones. That way you can make a good decision about how to move forward when you know if she got a placement in a Charter or in one of the better public schools. Seriously, apply to all and then they make their placement choices in April. That'll give you plenty of time to find a private school if you wish.
Supermom said…
Anna ~ Superdad emailed you his response so I'll post mine here. :)

We know about Claxton but it's a lottery school so there is no guarantee we will even get O in. We hear great things about Claxton but not so much for the middle school that comes after. I wouldn't want to change her school after spending six years with children to go to a better middle school. We've marked Claxton off our very short list.
I really don't want O in a public school myself. She is such a delicate little girl. I think a smaller environment with different teaching methods will benefit her better.
I have two children in public school settings so I am familiar with everything that goes on. I am so glad we were able to get B to change schools this year! He is getting so much more than he would where H is going. He's even been invited to join the AIG group. He thrives better there than he would had he stayed with his peers and went to Erwin Middle.
We tried to get H to go to Reynolds years ago. I took her side because I knew she didn't want to leave her friends.
If I had it to do over I would have made her go to Reynolds. She would be getting a better education than at Erwin.
We all see things at a different view. I have no doubt that all our kids will be perfect adults in the real world.

Mrs F ~ We are really loving EVERGREEN!!! We are going to set up an interview or whatever tomorrow. If she doesn't get in with the lottery there then chances are we will do the Montessori for a year then try again. Superdad heard that chances are you will get in the second try if not chosen the first go around.
We shall see.
If you weren't moving we could totally homeschool together ! ! !
Mrs Furious said…
Good luck! Things at the charters have changed in recent years. They typically have a couple of hundred applications for only 16 or so spots. It is actually less likely that you'll get in for 1st grade. They only have openings if someone leaves. Each year is a new lottery. It used to be that you kept your spot from your Kindergarten lottery and if you were say 10 (Kid was) they keep filling and maybe in a few years you'd get in. Now they start over with a new lottery every year so it is always a totally crap shoot if you'll get in. The good news is that if O got in M automatically gets in... which is also why it is so hard to get a placement to begin with. Each year Kindergarten has a certain number of siblings or teachers' children already filling spots before the lottery. We found it very frustrating. I still highly recommend visiting FD. I was incredibly impressed by the teaching staff... and from me that is a serious statement.
Mr Furious said…
Mrs F is right. Your chance of getting into a school you want NOW are as good as they will ever get, and your odds will drop dramatically after that.

For kindergarten, they draw to fill an entire class of students across the district. After that, they only draw to fill any openings—and for the most part those openings don't occur at the more desirable schools.

The system in Asheville is theoretically designed to equalize the schools across the city by a lottery that disperses students across the system without regard to neighborhood, income, race, etc.

The scores for the different elementary schools seem to vary too widely and correspond too closely to the income level and demographics of the neighborhoods for me to believe that it is working or even to have faith that the lottery is fairly or honestly implemented.
Monica said…
Good Luck with your decision...
Supermom said…
Yep, I'm excited yet worried that she will not get in the charter schools. We will fill out the paperwork for FD and Evergreen.

Then go to the Montessori school down the road to check them out.

Then Claxton just in case.

I just want what's best for Lil O.
Melissa said…
I have had my kids in nearly all types of schools. Maia started Montessori at 3 yrs old and they strive for the kids even at that age to be independent. There was another student that cried for her mother so they kicked her out. I was shocked but the school owner said she was causing all of the other kids anxiety.

Both of my kids also went to a Magnet school and the lottery process was hard. Ar first they were spots 2 and 3 on the waiting list for their grades. Micaylah made it in before Maia but luckily we had them both in the school before the school year began. I ended up taking them to our neighborhood school the following year because Micaylah didn't do well at the magnet school.

I also work at a local magnet school and your chances of getting her into Kindergarten are so much higher than any other grade. typically we have 4 K classes that can have no more than 22 kids in each. Then subtract however many siblings could be brought in and that equals about 22 kids then bilingual is another 22 kids. 44 spots are usually left for lottery. Also keep in mind that people like to apply to all of their options. IF they make the lottery for several of their choices they will pick the one they want the most freeing up spots for those on the waiting list. Good luck!!
Olga said…
When my parents still lived in America, both of my younger school aged sisters (now 15 and 13) went to a Montessori school. It definitely has it's own pros and cons. When I lived in Europe (where I was born and lived the first seven years of my life) I attended a private school. But when we moved to America I attended public. I'm just a great mix of education. Ha!