I'm such a S L A C K E R ! ! !

I am so ashamed!  I haven't typed up a blog post since Thursday!!! I didn't even do a Week in Review.

~smack~ WAKE UP SUPERMOM!!!!

Honestly, you haven't missed much.  Going there.  Doing that.  Going there.  Doing that.  Etc...

It's Saturday and it was a SCHOOL day.  It totally SUCKED!!  Having to get up and take the kids to school on a Saturday.  It's just wrong I tell you.  Then I am doing my own thing when my daddy and mama Lynn want to stop by.  It was a super swell visit.  Here's a picture of my daddy and Baby M.

They were reading to each other.  They left and we had lunch.  Blah blah blah....  I then scoop up Baby M to get her to nap!  I thought I would catch a few zzz's myself but....

I got an email from Mrs F about a playdate for the babies.  I was ON IT because I know Lil O loves it when they come over!  So, I got up from a warm comfy bed to enjoy Mrs F's company.  And I do enjoy her company.  However, now when I see her I keep seeing her in a par-tay hat.  See:

This was taken at Lil O's birthday party!  Don't get furious Mrs F about the photo.  I couldn't help myself!!!!!

See, I told you so.  You haven't missed anything!!!  Oh, hormonal teenager for her report card.  ALL A'S!!!  That's my girl!!  B2 got all A'S as well!  That's my boy!  I am a proud mommy for sure.  I have great kids and that's really all I can say about that.

Superdad adores me.  You know this right?  Tonight my two oldest are spending the night with their grandmother and we've been lazy all day.  Then out of his mouth I hear, "Let's order take-out tonight."

YES!!  Lets do that!