Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm not going to be a grandmother no matter what the stupid kids are saying at my daughters high school!

Being a little harsh Michelle?  Bless those poor lost high school students.  They need guidance and a LIFE!!!

Things were crazy here yesterday.  The plumber came, without showing any crack, and put the new fancy hot water heater in.  ~big sigh of relief~  To have hot water again.  As soon as the water was hot I started the dish washer and took a long bath.  ~another deep sigh~

Then out of the blue I get a text from the teenage daughter at school about a rumor that she is pregnant going around.  I really had to hold back hysterical laughter.  My daughter pregnant?  Really?  Come on?  What's up with stupid kids starting rumors.  Get a life SUCKERS!!!  I know that H reads my blog and will have no problem with me announcing what I am about to say.

It's hard to get pregnant being a VIRGIN and all!!!!!!!!  Remember H has made a promise to herself to wait.  I blogged all about this before because I was so proud of her for making such a HUGE decision.

True Love Waits.  I really wish that having sex at an early age wasn't the norm these days.  All this talk about blow jobs and such just makes me cringe.  Trust me!!  I am not being naive to think that H will never ever have sex.  All I can do as a responsible parent is to teach her how special sex is and to not take it too lightly.  Now, when she becomes an adult, the decision about sex will be all on her.  The rules change a bit in my eyes when you are a consenting ADULT and no one gets hurt.  Make sense?

Yesterday I really wanted to go to the high school and smack some sense into those kids.  Really I did.  I am really glad that H didn't get toooo upset about it all because she knows the truth.  Her friends were very supportive and made her laugh.  Her one friend kept walking around holding his hands up saying, "Well, I know it's not mine."  Then they'd hold the door open for her and such.  I'm really happy that she has a great group of supportive friends.  That does make all the difference.  So, don't start planning the baby shower just yet because contrary to what the stupid kids say at the high school,


On another note!  If you know me then you know I'm not an exercise kind of gal.  I cringe at the thought of any physical activity that even resembles exercise.  I got my mommies genes.  I'm tall and skinny by nature.  Then why have I got this asinine idea to start this INSANE workout challenge?????  I'd like to know myself!!!

I want to try out the INSANITY 60 day challenge.  Why not start out with something small you ask?  Because I never just do to get by.  I want to feel the pain.  I want to be so sore that I have to lay in the fetal position as I cry for my Mommy.  I'm really excited about the thought of this personal challenge for myself.  Which is odd because as I stated I'm not an exercise kind of gal.  I hope that when I start this challenge I will blog all about it with pictures to show you the results I am having.  I will blog about the sweat and the pain.  I will blog about how INSANE I am for trying such a hard workout.


Okay, I'm off to enjoy coffee and play Supermom.
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