I promise that soon I'll be back to my normal self.

I really wouldn't call anything about me normal though.

~ I'll be back to cooking 7 days a week.  With everyone sick, including myself, we have gotten back on the take-out train.  THIS WILL GO AWAY RATHER QUICKLY when I stop hacking up my lungs.

~ The prepping for the garden needs to begin.  I'm excited about the things I want to grow this year. 

~ This weekend, if I am feeling better, I'm going to start making the squares for a quilt.  I'd like to give Renee a big hug thank you for all that fabric she gave me a few weeks ago.

~ I tease about this year being the year of the sick instead of the Tiger.  Funny thing is I am a Tiger though.

Personality Traits of the Tiger:
Tigers are romantic, lovable, magnetic and independent. The tiger is an optimist. 
You are brave, kind, daring and full of feeling.

Yes, I can see those things about me.  I don't see being SICK SINCE DECEMBER in that brief Tiger bit though.  They must have forgotten to put that in.

So, I'm sick right?  The babies are sick too.  I've been doing a fine job of holding the couch down since Sunday.  So this morning I wake up with a full blown migraine.  I get up and feel my way to the kitchen to take my medicine.  Then I lay on the couch, crying until there is some relief.  Superdad rescheduled my Urologist appointment because I was supposed to be there at 8:30 this morning.  Yeah, there was no way that was happening.

I am about to lose hope. 

Spring better get here quick with some warmer weather!!!!


Kelly said…
I definitely feel for you. We are sick every time I turn around since Mykaela went to shcool. Ive had a stomach virus and 2 colds in the past 3 weeks. Plus I run around like a lunatic trying to keep the new baby from catching it, and then she gets it anyway. At least spring is here. Maybe that will cut down on the sickness. Hope you are feeling better soon!!