I just asked my teenage daughter if I could have Jude Law in my Christmas Stocking this year.

I know that it's just not possible because my stocking isn't that big.


Yes, today WAS ANOTHER SNOW DAY!!!!  The kids have missed three days in a row.  I foresee Saturday school until like July.  This is just crazy!!!  They will have school tomorrow and then Saturday since things are warming up and sun is in the forecast!

Baby M went to the pediatric dentist for her post-op and everything looked great.  Get this.  We've only been to the office once back in January.  So we're getting out of the minivan and walking to the office.  When we get to the door Baby M instantly stops and starts to back up.  She actually remembered where we were and didn't want to go back in.  Dr Jackson brushed her teeth and gave me pointers on how to hold her so she doesn't bite me anymore. 

Of course she screamed and cried as soon as Dr Jackson started talking to her.  Everyone in the back was telling her bye and Baby M says, "Bye Doctor."  Right to Dr Jackson.  It was adorable.  She told Baby M that it made her day.

She will continue checking on the teeth at the cleanings.  We love this office!!!!

Thanks to everyone that has asked about Baby M and has had her in your prayers since all this started in January.  It means a lot to me!  Thank you.

Have you checked out the Mom-Stuff Blog Tour????  Did you read all about me???  I thought the posts they used were perfect and I loved hearing what was thought of me.  Thank you Mom-Stuff Community!!

Okay, I'm off to crochet myself a stocking big enough for Jude Law.


Red Neck Diva said…
that is so sweet. I am glad all is well have a great night