Damn you #5!

Today was workout #5.  I so wasn't in it!!  UGH!!!  I put on my workout clothes then crawled into bed.  I had no intention of working out.  Then Superdad drove me to it!!!!!!  He encouraged me to do it.  He succeeded in getting me over my workout hump and into the living room sweating!  I completed #5 today!

Do I feel accomplished?  NO!!!  Damn you #5!!!!!

I'm not as sore as I have been so that is a bonus!

Today we ran a few errands.  Checked off a few things.  I bought my cupcake making supplies for the Cupcakes for Cures Competition at the Grove Park Inn.  Sorry I cannot tell you what kind of cupcake I am making because I want it to be a total surprise!!!!  You'll just have to wait and see.  Or taste if you happen to be a judge!

Okay.  That's all I got.


Monica said…
Give it a bit more time and you will be waking up ready to go... The soreness will workout soon
Supermom said…
The soreness isn't the issue. It's that I can come up with 100 reasons to do other things and none to exercise!