Cooking with Lil O.

This afternoon Lil O wanted to cook dinner.  With a little help from me she made a perfect dish.

On the Menu:

Tex-Mex Lasagna

Only the best ingredients:

I cooked the hamburger meat and then added the tomatoes, taco mix and french fried onions. Lil O stirred up the cheese mixture and eggs.

Then I helped Lil O layer for the lasagna.

A friendly tip.  When making a casserole/lasagna dish instead of using your big dish break it into two dishes.  That way you can throw one in the freezer for another time!

When done cooking we added more cheese and french fried onions.  This picture doesn't do it justice. 

This dish is a favorite of the kids so I cannot wait to dig into it after it cools.


Red Neck Diva said…
Sounds great it is like something i made a few weeks back. She looks so cute :)
Supermom said…
Yeah. This recipe came off the french fried onion container. I've been making it the past 10 years.

The kids love it so it's a hit here.


Yes, she is a cutie.
Vanessa said…
Now that looks good!
What a cute little helper. Plus, that food looks crazy good.
Supermom said…
Mikey ~ Would you two/three like to come over for dinner??

Just let me know. :)
H said…
ok u shud soooooo have some of that waiting for me when me and dad come by to get some clothes:)))))))) i wud sooooooo love that if theres some left
Most definitely. We would absolutely LOVE to join you for dinner one night.
Kelli said…
I'm hungry now!!!!
Anonymous said…
you ooooooppsied
how rude to post something that looks so good without posting the recipe to go with
I cant see whats in the cans and I also cant see eggs to count how many
could you please post a recipe I can print please.I said please
Supermom said…
Mikey ~ Just pick a day and I can make some chicken pasta!!!!!!

I will post the recipe tomorrow. I've been gone most of the day and company the rest of it so I am beat.
Supermom said…
Recipe posted :)
jamie braun said…
yum, yum yum! i cant believe it came of the back of a french container! great find!