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Cooking with Lil O.

This afternoon Lil O wanted to cook dinner.  With a little help from me she made a perfect dish.

On the Menu:

Tex-Mex Lasagna

Only the best ingredients:

I cooked the hamburger meat and then added the tomatoes, taco mix and french fried onions. Lil O stirred up the cheese mixture and eggs.

Then I helped Lil O layer for the lasagna.

A friendly tip.  When making a casserole/lasagna dish instead of using your big dish break it into two dishes.  That way you can throw one in the freezer for another time!

When done cooking we added more cheese and french fried onions.  This picture doesn't do it justice. 

This dish is a favorite of the kids so I cannot wait to dig into it after it cools.

Something to think about...

With all the snow we had this past winter the kids missed a lot of school.  Albeit some of those days should have been a delay instead of being canceled but I don't decide that.  Soooooo, this past Saturday the kids in the county had to go to Saturday school.  At first I thought it would make parents upset that they had to get up on their day off and get the kids to school.

I was wrong.

Usually in the morning I see grumpy parents gulping coffee getting ready to head to work.  I'M LATE!!!!! type behavior.

Until Saturday.

I saw happy people.  Smiling people.  Moms and Dads dressed laughing and such.  Not a care in the world.

You know what they were thinking?

"HOT DAMN!!! It's a Saturday and since the kids are in school I can do SOMETHING I want to do for the next FIVE HOURS!"

Yep, I saw some happy people Saturday morning at the school while dropping H off. 

I guess I was the only one grumpy because I had to get up and take my kids to school while wearing my pj's.

Who's your Momma??!?!?!?!?

I just completed my workout!!!  Bringing the total to SEVEN!!!!  Sizzle!  I'm hot!! 

Today was an awesome workout.  I was able to stay in the game 20 minutes.  Seriously this workout is INSANE!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!  It's kicking my butt for sure.

I needed to work off the cupcakes and icing from last night.  HA HA!!!  I liked the cupcake recipe that I tried yesterday.  So, that's the one I will use for the competition.  I'm ready!!!!!  Bring on the cupcake wars!!  All for a good cause I add, the American Cancer Society!!!!  Have you donated yet?  If not, why?? 

Sooo, hanging head, I watched some of that stupid show Dancing with the Stars while waiting for Castle to come on.  Seriously!!  Kate go home to your kids.  You cannot dance!!!!!!!  I bet Jon is laughing his head off when he tunes into the telly to watch.  Sorry if that was a bit harsh BUT I was told to never tell a LIE!!!!

Okay, I am not going to Kate bash because she makes it tooo easy.

I leave you with this picture.  My workout clothes.  Aren't they adorable?!?!?

You didn't think I would really show you a full body shot now did you?  Maybe after my 60 days!!!

Week in Review.

Yes, you read that right.  Please excuse the poor quality.  Remember I don't have a working camera.  I am using B2's camera at the moment and it doesn't do video well.  Superdad is narrowing the camera choices down now to purchase one like this week.  Right Superdad????

So go grab the popcorn and watch this flick.

I talk about kids making all A's on their report cards.  Finding the perfect recipe for my cupcakes for Cupcakes for Cures at the Grove Park Inn on April 10, 2010.  Come help out the American Cancer Society. 

Lil O makes it impossible to video today.  You almost get to see Supermom show her parenting skillz.

I talk about my crazy exercise challenge.  I even say the F word.  Shame on me!  I will go wash my mouth out with soap for you.

What THE!?!?!? I have a pimple and it won't go away!!!

Here I am doing my exercise challenge, started an antibiotic for my cold and getting better and THEN I get a PIMPLE!!!!! 

Actually, I've had it a few days but it just WON'T go away!!!!!  I feel like I am going through puberty or something.  I'm using pimple gel and cover up like my teenage daughter!!!!! 

I finished workout #6 today.  It was a killer one.  I wasn't able to workout as long as I have been because I just didn't have the strength.  That's okay though because I was able to work out the best I was able to.  At least I am getting some exercise which is more than I have in the past. 

It's the typical Monday.  Kids are in school.  House is cleaned and the laundry is caught up.  Until everyone makes it home that is.  I even gave the babies a bubble bath.  Then I worked like a mad woman trying to cover up this pimple the size of Canada on my chin!  Really it is that big.  No, I will not take a picture.  Lets just say you can give the pimple its own zip code. 

Spring cleaning fever has hit me.  I've been tiding up closets and getting a Goodwill pile started in the basement.  My family better hide what they want to keep or it's OUTTA HERE!!!!!!  I have no problem tossing things out.  They know this.  Someones junk is another persons treasure!!!  I was just wondering if I'd taken my anxiety medication because of all this THROW OUT tendencies today.  Yes, I have.  It must be the shining sun and the warm weather that is making me SPRING CLEAN then.

Enjoy your Monday Supermom Junkies!!! 

Damn you #5!

Today was workout #5.  I so wasn't in it!!  UGH!!!  I put on my workout clothes then crawled into bed.  I had no intention of working out.  Then Superdad drove me to it!!!!!!  He encouraged me to do it.  He succeeded in getting me over my workout hump and into the living room sweating!  I completed #5 today!

Do I feel accomplished?  NO!!!  Damn you #5!!!!!

I'm not as sore as I have been so that is a bonus!

Today we ran a few errands.  Checked off a few things.  I bought my cupcake making supplies for the Cupcakes for Cures Competition at the Grove Park Inn.  Sorry I cannot tell you what kind of cupcake I am making because I want it to be a total surprise!!!!  You'll just have to wait and see.  Or taste if you happen to be a judge!

Okay.  That's all I got.

I'm such a S L A C K E R ! ! !

I am so ashamed!  I haven't typed up a blog post since Thursday!!! I didn't even do a Week in Review.

~smack~ WAKE UP SUPERMOM!!!!

Honestly, you haven't missed much.  Going there.  Doing that.  Going there.  Doing that.  Etc...

It's Saturday and it was a SCHOOL day.  It totally SUCKED!!  Having to get up and take the kids to school on a Saturday.  It's just wrong I tell you.  Then I am doing my own thing when my daddy and mama Lynn want to stop by.  It was a super swell visit.  Here's a picture of my daddy and Baby M.

They were reading to each other.  They left and we had lunch.  Blah blah blah....  I then scoop up Baby M to get her to nap!  I thought I would catch a few zzz's myself but....

I got an email from Mrs F about a playdate for the babies.  I was ON IT because I know Lil O loves it when they come over!  So, I got up from a warm comfy bed to enjoy Mrs F's company.  And I do enjoy her company.  However, now when I see her I keep seeing her in a par-tay hat.  See:

This was taken at Lil O's birthday party!  Don't get furious Mrs F about the photo.  I couldn't help myself!!!!!

See, I told you so.  You haven't missed anything!!!  Oh, hormonal teenager for her report card.  ALL A'S!!!  That's my girl!!  B2 got all A'S as well!  That's my boy!  I am a proud mommy for sure.  I have great kids and that's really all I can say about that.

Superdad adores me.  You know this right?  Tonight my two oldest are spending the night with their grandmother and we've been lazy all day.  Then out of his mouth I hear, "Let's order take-out tonight."

YES!!  Lets do that! 

58 more days to go.

Yes, I am counting them down. Yesterday, after lunch my body started to ache.  Even motrin didn't touch the achiness.  I just sat down in my comfy chair and enjoyed the last Pumpkin Ale that was in my fridge.  I have decided to give up my beloved beer for this challenge as well. 

So in 58 days we can all meet at APC and celebrate with BEER of course!

I thought I was going to talk myself out of working out this morning.  But DAMMIT I am not a quitter!!!  So I put on my new awesome workout clothes and my shoes and made my way into the living room with WATER!!  With encouragement from my two personal cheerleaders, Baby M and Lil O, I endured another sweaty painful workout for about 30 minutes. 

Tomorrow I will do the 30 minute one again and Saturday start the actual workout DVD.  I wanted to take baby steps since I haven't worked out since like B2 was a baby.  Do you know that he will be 12 in a few weeks.  So, ummm, yeah it's been awhile.

I leave you with something awesome.

Lil O will walk around the house humming Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads.

Cause we're cool like that.

I'm not going to be a grandmother no matter what the stupid kids are saying at my daughters high school!

Being a little harsh Michelle?  Bless those poor lost high school students.  They need guidance and a LIFE!!!

Things were crazy here yesterday.  The plumber came, without showing any crack, and put the new fancy hot water heater in.  ~big sigh of relief~  To have hot water again.  As soon as the water was hot I started the dish washer and took a long bath.  ~another deep sigh~

Then out of the blue I get a text from the teenage daughter at school about a rumor that she is pregnant going around.  I really had to hold back hysterical laughter.  My daughter pregnant?  Really?  Come on?  What's up with stupid kids starting rumors.  Get a life SUCKERS!!!  I know that H reads my blog and will have no problem with me announcing what I am about to say.

It's hard to get pregnant being a VIRGIN and all!!!!!!!!  Remember H has made a promise to herself to wait.  I blogged all about this before because I was so proud of her for making such a HUGE decision.

True Love Waits.  I really wish that having sex at an early age wasn't the norm these days.  All this talk about blow jobs and such just makes me cringe.  Trust me!!  I am not being naive to think that H will never ever have sex.  All I can do as a responsible parent is to teach her how special sex is and to not take it too lightly.  Now, when she becomes an adult, the decision about sex will be all on her.  The rules change a bit in my eyes when you are a consenting ADULT and no one gets hurt.  Make sense?

Yesterday I really wanted to go to the high school and smack some sense into those kids.  Really I did.  I am really glad that H didn't get toooo upset about it all because she knows the truth.  Her friends were very supportive and made her laugh.  Her one friend kept walking around holding his hands up saying, "Well, I know it's not mine."  Then they'd hold the door open for her and such.  I'm really happy that she has a great group of supportive friends.  That does make all the difference.  So, don't start planning the baby shower just yet because contrary to what the stupid kids say at the high school,


On another note!  If you know me then you know I'm not an exercise kind of gal.  I cringe at the thought of any physical activity that even resembles exercise.  I got my mommies genes.  I'm tall and skinny by nature.  Then why have I got this asinine idea to start this INSANE workout challenge?????  I'd like to know myself!!!

I want to try out the INSANITY 60 day challenge.  Why not start out with something small you ask?  Because I never just do to get by.  I want to feel the pain.  I want to be so sore that I have to lay in the fetal position as I cry for my Mommy.  I'm really excited about the thought of this personal challenge for myself.  Which is odd because as I stated I'm not an exercise kind of gal.  I hope that when I start this challenge I will blog all about it with pictures to show you the results I am having.  I will blog about the sweat and the pain.  I will blog about how INSANE I am for trying such a hard workout.


Okay, I'm off to enjoy coffee and play Supermom.

Poof, then it's gone.

Good Sunday morning.  I totally hated the quality of that Week in Review that I posted yesterday.  TOTALLY HATED!!!!  Remember a certain baby or lil girl dropped my camera and broke it so I have been using my sons digital camera.  Needless to say his isn't as good as mine sooooooo.

I deleted it off my blog. 

You'll just have to wait until next Friday for another Week in Review.

I'm back to my daily grind.  I'm going to cook all week this week.  I started yesterday off by making two loaves of bread and hamburger buns.  I made chicken stock and used it to make dressing.  I found some leftover assorted breads in the freezer so I used them.  It was YUMMY!!!!!!  I then prepared the chicken mixture for the tacos I will be making tomorrow.  ALL WITHOUT HOT WATER I ADD!!!

Our hot water heater died Friday night.  Superdad bought this new hybrid one yesterday and it will be delivered today.  The plumber, hopefully without a crack, will be here Monday morning to install it.  GIVING ME HOT WATER.

You never know how much you will miss something until you don't have it.  I guess that applies to everything in your life.  Right?

Then as the hot water was dying and stinking up the house I caught my stove eye on fire!  I know how to do it RIGHT!!!!  I was just boiling water!!  I smell something odd and turn around to flames!!  I didn't panic MUCH.  For some stupid reason I started blowing the flames out.  I really didn't want to pour that WHOLE pot of water on the flames.  It worked, the blowing that is.  My mamaw said it was the element going bad because that's how hers happened.  Superdad bought me a new one yesterday so I will try that baby out this week.  Maybe I won't catch the stove on fire again.  ~shaking head~

I made the totes for H's club at school.  It took longer than I had thought.  The 20 are finished!

They turned out rather well for a first try!!!  If you'd like to donate anything to this great cause just comment below and I can tell you how.  **The totes will be filled with toiletries and taken to the womens shelter.  They will also be taking new stuffed animals for the children!**  You can always send $ to my paypal account and I can buy the toiletries or stuffed animals for you!!!  That would be SWELL!!!!

Anyway, must go play Supermom. 

This blog is NSFW!!

Because it contains Barbie nudity.

Lil O ~ I'm dressing them up like that show you watch.

Me ~ What show?

Lil O ~ Where that guy picks the girl he likes.

Me ~ Oh, that show.  WHEW!!!  ~Wiping Brow~

Things I have done while sick this week.

Agreed to make totes for H's class.  They are filling them with toiletries and taking them to the womens shelter along with teddy bears for the kids.

All I have to do it sew them together.

Make A LOT of face scrubbies and washcloths.

All Face Scrubbies

I even cut my own hair!!!!  I just cut the back, sides and cleaned up the top.

I think I did a half decent job.

I'm ashamed that I have even watched Maury!!!  You are NOT the father!!!!!  I couldn't help it!!  There was nothing else on.  The NCIS marathon hadn't started yet so had time to kill.

You still love me right??

I promise that soon I'll be back to my normal self.

I really wouldn't call anything about me normal though.

~ I'll be back to cooking 7 days a week.  With everyone sick, including myself, we have gotten back on the take-out train.  THIS WILL GO AWAY RATHER QUICKLY when I stop hacking up my lungs.

~ The prepping for the garden needs to begin.  I'm excited about the things I want to grow this year. 

~ This weekend, if I am feeling better, I'm going to start making the squares for a quilt.  I'd like to give Renee a big hug thank you for all that fabric she gave me a few weeks ago.

~ I tease about this year being the year of the sick instead of the Tiger.  Funny thing is I am a Tiger though.

Personality Traits of the Tiger:
Tigers are romantic, lovable, magnetic and independent. The tiger is an optimist. 
You are brave, kind, daring and full of feeling.

Yes, I can see those things about me.  I don't see being SICK SINCE DECEMBER in that brief Tiger bit though.  They must have forgotten to put that in.

So, I'm sick right?  The babies are sick too.  I've been doing a fine job of holding the couch down since Sunday.  So this morning I wake up with a full blown migraine.  I get up and feel my way to the kitchen to take my medicine.  Then I lay on the couch, crying until there is some relief.  Superdad rescheduled my Urologist appointment because I was supposed to be there at 8:30 this morning.  Yeah, there was no way that was happening.

I am about to lose hope. 

Spring better get here quick with some warmer weather!!!!

Target is trying to make it right.

I vented the other day about our Target return experience.  It really made me lose faith in Target. 

They emailed us back asking for additional information to which I gave them.  Here's there last email to us.

Dear Michelle L,

Thanks for your reply with the information that was requested.

Your thoughts and comments about this item are very important to us. I've
documented your concerns and shared them with our Guest Reporting Center and
Store Operations for further review.

I'm sorry the store wasn't more helpful.  As a gesture of apology I'm sending
you a Target $15 GiftCard to reimburse you for the diapers.  Please use it in
the store for a better experience.   

In addition, If you have any additional questions, please call our Guest
Relations team at (800) 440-0680. We’re available Monday through Friday from 7
a.m. to 8 p.m., Central time.

Thanks for writing. We appreciate this opportunity to review your experience.


Target Guest Relations

This all still irks me.  This could have ALL been avoided if the manager on duty had done the RIGHT thing at the store.  Now, they have left us with a sour taste in our mouth.  THANKS TARGET!!!  I hope I am able to enjoy shopping with you again.   Time for me to hand out my Cardboard Cookie Award again!

This is where Supermom sends her first HATE email to TARGET.

And you know how much I love TARGET.   Until...

My email to TARGET will explain my frustration!!!!

I am writing in regards to our return experience today. I have lost faith in Target and how Target takes care of its customers. Especially when it comes to a Target brand. We are loyal Target shoppers even though there are stores closer to our home. I brag about my love for Target all the time in fact.

We have been using Target diapers and even wipes for years on our children. I brag about the diapers to others because I have always loved them compared to name brand diapers. We recently bought a brand new box of diapers in a larger size for our youngest daughter. She developed a rash/hives on her body where she didn't want to wear clothes. It took me a day or two to go through all the changes in the house and mark them off one by one. Then I realized we just opened a new box of Target brand diapers. Also there was the fact the rash/hives was where her diaper touched her skin. Around her legs, on her lower back, her lower belly and her butt cheeks.

We figured there would be no problem with the return and Target would stand by their Target brand products. I was wrong. The manager couldn't even come talk to us in person, she told the cashier over the walkie talkie that with no receipt there could be no exchange.

I'm the manager of a drug store chain and I will end this email with one question to you,

"Why would I want to spend my hard earned money in a store that will not back up their own Target brand?"

I'm really disappointed with Target right now and don't see myself shopping there in the future. 
Thank you for your time.
Michelle Lee @ www.theadventuresofsupermom.com

Okay, technically I'm not the manager of the drug store since I now work from home since I had baby #3 and #4.  STILL!!!!  I would stand by MY STORE BRAND and make it right to the customer!

If we don't have our customers then we don't have a business.

Things I learned yesterday:

~ I have a very loving family.

~ I have wonderful friends who make me laugh so much I could wet myself.

~ Mrs F looks HOT in a party hat!

~ I really could have eaten that WHOLE cake by myself.

~ The cubed ice cream was a hit.

~ Even is someone throws up during your party, the party must go on.  :(

~ I learned I will not have so many balloons next time.  They drove me batty! 

~ I need a bigger coffee maker for when I have LOTS of people over.

~ It's okay to order a bunch of take-out, take a bath and wear your robe for the rest of the night.

~ Last but not least.

It's okay to help blow the candles out.

Birthday Party

More birthday pictures to come.

Week in Review.

I'm not wearing any make-up, letting my hair grow out and breastfeeding the baby for this video.

It's raining.  Kids are in school.  B is loving Scouts.  Lil O turned 5 and we are having her birthday party tomorrow.  Princess party with her friends.

I've been working on reviews for Supermom Reviews and I've had three custom orders for Only Ollie.  A repeat customer from Canada.  I love Canada!  I've been to Montreal so many times to visit family.  It's why I took French in school.

Enjoy your weekend with your family and friends.

Yes, I sound funny because I have a sore throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Lil O!

I hope you have the best 5th birthday EVER!!!

Happy Birthday Lil O!!!!!!! I had cool music with the slide show but youtube snatched it off. Just imagine Israel Kamakawiwo'ole singing Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Teenage daughters!! Can I get a refund or exchange?

Having a teenage daughter is frustrating.  Mentally draining in fact.  All those raging hormones about to pounce on anyone that talks to them.  For example every single time we talk to hormonal teenager she gets defensive and thinks we are attacking.  Even a simple question like, "Have you finished your homework?" can bring out evil red eyed hormonal teenager.

This morning I'd about had enough.  I told her, "STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE I AM THE HIRED HELP!!!  I am on your SIDE!!  You don't seem to appreciate that!  I will always want the best for you and I will do WHATEVER it takes for you to have it!"

She still won't get it.  To her I was never a teenage girl and I don't know shit.  SHRUG!! 

Was I really that bad when I was a teenager?  I'm sure it was close.

My poor mamaw.  My mamaw has always been and will continue to be MY HERO!!!  She did in fact put up with me and my hormonal teenage behavior.  That amazing woman will be 80 in June as a matter of fact!  We are preparing a bash for her!!!  H will be 16 in June as well so we are have a doubly big par-tay for them!  I want the best for them.  Always have and always will.

Just think I have TWO MORE GIRLS TO BECOME HORMONAL TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!  At least I have my son, right?  He will love me unconditionally and take care of me when I forget who I am.

Yeah, I can always fall back on that.

Where are my disco boots?

In the morning the babies love to listen to loud music in the van as we take kids to school.  It's become our morning thing!  Loud music as we dance in our seat.  This morning their favorite was Madonna ~ Hung Up.

It brought back some memories of when I would club on the weekends while the freshly turned 21 year old boys would try to impress me with their buying beer ability.  I say it like that because I was older and didn't have a thing for younger boys.  I did have some fun though.  I love music.  I love dancing.  I love forgetting everything as the music takes over.  Add a few drinks to the night and fun was had by all. 


The sun is shining and I heard a rumor that the weather will be in the 60's today.  I think this is the calm before the storm.  I know there will be more snow!!!  I don't mind though.  I enjoy the snow.  The kids are getting pretty tired of it though because it just means more Saturday school for them.  Saturday school for them means a mini vacation for us though.  I'm just sayin'...

Did I tell you that my Lil O has a birthday this week?  The big one!  FIVE!!!!  Yep, on Thursday my Lil O will be five.  I seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.

Sniff.  That's my Lil O a few hours after she was born.  I'm going to have emotional difficulty with my Lil O turning five.

Okay, the house phone will not stop ringing/  You'd think I was popular or something.

It's that time! Picking a school perfect for Lil O.

We cannot believe that our Lil O will be five this coming week.  Time sure does fly!!!  With turning five comes starting school in the Fall.  It's really sad for me to think about my little shy O is going to start school.  I'm not liking it one bit I might add.

Schools have always been a topic of discussion in our house.  Superdad went to a snotty private school.  I say that with a smile on my face because I have to tease him.  I, on the other hand, went to a public county school.  I can say without a doubt in my mind that Superdad got an excellent education!!  EXCELLENT!!!  Much better than I did.  I can admit that without having a problem!  It's the age old question.

Do public schools offer the same education as private schools?

So, here's our situation.  Superdad would love for Lil O to go to his school but there's no way we can afford 12,000.00 just for Kindergarten.  The price goes up with each grade I add.

We really don't want to throw our shy baby into a public school setting.

Our choices:

A Montessori School

A Charter School

Or a much smaller private school with lower tuition.

I think every child deserves the best education they can get!  I think that is something that the USA has let slide over the years.  A LOT!   Do not get Superdad started on education!  HA HA!!  Like I have stated before, it's something that has been talked about A LOT in our house.

Our goal this week.

Visit a Montessori School and a Charter School.  Details to come.

Week in Review.

Sitting in carpool at the high school.

We went to Target today to shop for the birthday girl.  Lil O will be 5 next week.

Kids are finally back in school after missing three days because of the snow.

Enjoy your weekend.

I just asked my teenage daughter if I could have Jude Law in my Christmas Stocking this year.

I know that it's just not possible because my stocking isn't that big.


Yes, today WAS ANOTHER SNOW DAY!!!!  The kids have missed three days in a row.  I foresee Saturday school until like July.  This is just crazy!!!  They will have school tomorrow and then Saturday since things are warming up and sun is in the forecast!

Baby M went to the pediatric dentist for her post-op and everything looked great.  Get this.  We've only been to the office once back in January.  So we're getting out of the minivan and walking to the office.  When we get to the door Baby M instantly stops and starts to back up.  She actually remembered where we were and didn't want to go back in.  Dr Jackson brushed her teeth and gave me pointers on how to hold her so she doesn't bite me anymore. 

Of course she screamed and cried as soon as Dr Jackson started talking to her.  Everyone in the back was telling her bye and Baby M says, "Bye Doctor."  Right to Dr Jackson.  It was adorable.  She told Baby M that it made her day.

She will continue checking on the teeth at the cleanings.  We love this office!!!!

Thanks to everyone that has asked about Baby M and has had her in your prayers since all this started in January.  It means a lot to me!  Thank you.

Have you checked out the Mom-Stuff Blog Tour????  Did you read all about me???  I thought the posts they used were perfect and I loved hearing what was thought of me.  Thank you Mom-Stuff Community!!

Okay, I'm off to crochet myself a stocking big enough for Jude Law.

The Mom-Stuff Community

I was approached awhile back about being featured on this amazing Mom-Stuff Blog Tour.  I was really excited to be contacted about this.  It helps spread the word about me so I don't feel like I am talking to myself.

Then as you know I got kidney stones.  I've been on drugs the past two weeks and totally forgot I was featured.  I FEEL LIKE AN ASS FOR FORGETTING.

So, for the next couple of days I am going to blog about The Mom-Stuff Community.

They talked about me for FIVE days!  Check this out:






Thank you so much Mom-Stuff!!!!!!!  I look forward to reading about the other moms on the tour!!!

You guys ROCK!!!!!!

Is it bad to tune your kids out?

I only ask because this is the second day in a row that school has been canceled due to snow.  I am sure that tomorrow will be a delay or even canceled all together.  SHRUG!  Who knows.

I had to cancel my urologist appointment because of the snow.  They had to reschedule it 13 DAYS AWAY!!!  Doesn't seen fair.

I've been working on my anxiety some.  The not able to sleep problem.  The other night I got in bed and tossed and turned then starting to have "pain" in my arms so I got up and slept on the couch again.  I don't think it's a "real" pain.  I think it's being anxious that kept me sleeping.  So, last night at 11:00 I went to bed.  My cell was off.  I kept telling myself to just close your eyes and everything that needs to be done can be done tomorrow.  I just thought about breathing in and blowing out.  It worked.

I went to sleep and was able to sleep all night in my own bed.  With Superdad and Baby M.  I woke up at 5:50 am and life was good.

I know that things will calm down.  I just know it.

I have to have more patience.  I pray for it every single day.  Do you hear me big guy? Patience.

I have been working on a special limited set for Only Ollie.  I finally finished and will be adding it to my ETSY.  What do you think?

Only Ollie on ETSY

Do you see what I see?

Now you know what I'm working with.  My kids will be in Saturday school for the rest of the school year and not have a spring break if this keeps up!

Kate Gosselin on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Now I've heard it all.  I'm thinking her kids and nannies will take up an entire section.

Next thing Jon will be the next Bachelor!!!!

Now, that I would find entertaining.

I'm just sayin'......

I'm taking my crocheting to YouTube.


For CK:

For Jennifer:

What's up with that?

Seriously how cool is this??  I'm debating myself.  I am supposed to venture to the doctor on Wednesday and Baby M goes for her Pediatric Dentist Post-Op on Thursday.  Let the snow come if the roads are drivable by then.  Okay Mother Nature?

I'm in a funk.  I'm in an anxiety/depression funk.  I'm restless, unable to sit down.  I'm unable to sleep.  My mind will not shut up.  I don't want to leave the house.  I am unable to leave the house emotionally.  I think about death and dying.  I don't want to die.  It depresses me more when I think about it.

Yes, I know I am totally screwed up.  Like everyone else I might add.  :)

I tried to get dressed today with hopes of collecting the kids from school and then grocery shopping.  I just couldn't do it.  I confessed to Superdad my feelings and then put my pj's back on.  He left work to get the kids, brought them home and went back to work.  When he gets off work he will grocery shop for me.

He's is such a great guy.  I'm glad he is able to "take" care of me on my bad emotional days.  Anxiety and depression are a private torture so to speak.  Either I need a new medication because I'm used to mine or maybe it's my physical trouble since like December.  I've even thought it could be like a weather depression.  I'm grasping at straws.  If I don't feel better soon I will call my doc.  Since I procrastinate on those things it may be next week.

Okay, that's all I got.  See you later alligator!