What TV Mom reminds you of yourself?

Let's have some fun this Monday morning!  I want you to comment and tell me what TV Mom reminds you of yourself!

I am a huge Malcolm in the Middle fan.  Lois reminds me of myself!  I can totally relate to having all those kids and the situations I find myself in at times.

Yep, I can totally relate to this picture.  Husband reading and in his own world.  Kids acting crazy as I YELL raise my voice!!!!  ~nodding~  Just imagine a family picture of us in same scenario.  

And yet again I could totally see this happening to my family.  Not that I would camp in the wilderness to begin with but I'm sure it would be entertaining!!!  I would be trying to grill out, H would be trying to get a cell signal, B would be trying to start a fire, Lil O would be trying to pet a skunk as Baby M is eating her crayons.  Superdad would be playing with his GPS trying to plan out the adventures for the trip.


I am very proud to be able to say I have four great wonderful children.  Our house is very loud at times.  Our house can be quiet at times.  Mostly loud.  The one thing our house is full of  is LOVE.  We have each other in good times and trying times.  We celebrate holidays and birthdays together.  We are very blessed to have each other they way we do.  

So, at times I am like Lois from Malcolm in the Middle.  I don't mind though.  My kids know how much I love them and would do anything for them.  They know they are able to come and talk to me about anything.

Last night I told Superdad, "I figure we can start trying in November - December to get pregnant."  He isn't on board yet.  But I know he will be.  We both want another baby.  We'd both like a boy.  A Lil Superdad around the house would be great FUN!


Lois reminds me of myself too. At least, you do not have all boys. Ah yes, the joys of raising boys!
I'm gonna have to say Everybody Loves Raymond. I feel like Debra in MORE ways than one (although the kids on the show flippin' annoy me! They're ALL terrible actors/actresses!). Like you, I have 4 little ones (although I know your eldest ain't so little anymore!!).

Love following your blog. I'd love any feedback on mine as I just started mine around Thanksgiving.

Speak soon!
gypsy_jewels said…
OMG - before I even came on here and saw the images I was going to say the mom from Malcolm. I LOVE the episode where she is facing off with the teacher in their house and she threatens to let him screw Malcolm over - he tried to call her bluff when her oldest throws himself against the window outside and begs to come in the house and be warm again. HAHAHAA. Love it.