Week in Review.

Someone dropped the camera so I'm using my Blackberry to video this week.

I've been in the Emergency Room again, imagine that.  I have kidney stones.  Waiting.

Snow has made the kids miss school so now they have Saturday school tomorrow.

Tea for Two by Only Ollie on ETSY.

That's all I got.


Oh. I hope those kidney stones pass soon. That sounds awful. Sending prayers my way for you.
Sat. School? Blah! I've never heard of that before. How long have they missed? a week?
Your blackberry is awesome! It recorded about a minute and a half of video. Good resolution too.

Get better Michelle!
Red Neck Diva said…
the blackberry did a great job. I hope you pass those painful stones soon. Have a great weekend as well.
Mary said…
wonderful job with week in review. Michelle feel better real soon.Hope when those stones start moving you will not have to much pain. School on a Saturday wow.
Here in Delaware they tack the snow days on to the end of the school year.
The teacher union states that. School on Saturday means you have superdad to help you with the little ones and bigger kids will be out so maybe a bit of quiet. Have a good rest of weekend.
Supermom said…
It's a bit dark so next time, if there is one, I will sit in the light more.
Sorry bout the stones :( The vid was great! I cant believe the berry shot it that clear! ROCK ON! How does saturday school suck!? Im so excited I cant stand - the fact that I will be home without the kids up my a$$ all day is D-lightful! Bliss is an understatement! LOL!