Week in Review.


Supermom is sick again.  Snow and sleet in Asheville.  The Jungle Book Show must go on at the Asheville Arts Center.

Baby M grabs the scissors.

Did I mention I am sick?

It's cold and the weather is crap!  Someone just come and hold me please.


Keshia said…
poor Supermom :(
I'd hold you, but Superdad might not be too keen on that.
oh, supermom, please get better. I'm sending get well wishes for ya!
And WARM wishes too!
i hate the COLD!
Supermom said…
Thanks everyone! Next year I will be getting the flu shot! Maybe two of them. Ha ha.

Mikey - come on over cause he's not getting close cause I am sick! It might make Joy jealous and she will write you back!
Mary said…
Michelle sorry to hear your sick once again. time to spray your entire house in Lysol.
Do alot of hand washing.
For some reason i am having a prob with Facebook it deleted alot of my freind list. I sent you a freind request on fb.
Ps do let us all know how the jungle book went. I hope you took lots of pictures of LIl O