Supermom is now taking cotton yarn donations.

Really, I am.  Just send all your cotton yarn to me and no one will get hurt!  I can give you an address to mail it to.  I'm not joking.

I'm totally hooked on crocheting the Tea for Two sets!  TOTALLY!!!!!  Reminds me on the crazy cat lady minus the cats, just picture yarn all over the place.  I am sure it could be worse.

Things around here are the same.  Baby M is cussing.  Lil O is perfecting her "Stop, drop and cry" routine.  It's driving me crazy!  If something doesn't go her way you hear a THUD!!!!   TWITCH!!!!

Hormonal teenage really pissed me off Sunday night.  She comes home from her dads house with a box of hair dye.  She asked me to do it for her but I told her I didn't feel well and we'd do it Monday.  That wasn't good enough.  Since she was only thinking of herself and not her sick mother she decides to do it by herself. 

I could have physically hurt her she had me so upset.  She got dye all over the floor, walls and TWO OF MY GOOD TOWELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was furious to say the least.  I fussed and fussed then I went to my room to cool down and put up laundry.  I heard her crying from the hall bathroom but I was being such a hard ass I ignored it.  Apparently something went wrong and her hair wasn't the color on the box.  It was a dark brown almost black.  Superdad had to be sympathetic because I sure wasn't going to be.  After I had put up the laundry and cooled down I came out of hiding.

I found her in the bathroom floor just crying about how her hair was messed up and looked awful.  All I could say was, "It'll wash out over time."  Yes, I was punishing her for her earlier behavior.  Superdad played the sympathetic parent role and he did a wonderful job.  I was too busy trying not to laugh and belt out, "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Later on when she was in bed reading I went in and made peace with her.  Her hair doesn't look that bad.  It will wash out.  I would like to hope she learned a valuable lesson over all this but she didn't.

Teenagers think they know every single thing!!  Drives me crazy!

B2 is working on a school project about the Wright Brothers.  I think that is cool because we were able to see their exhibit at the museum when we went to Washington DC.  I told him he could use some of our trip pictures!

OH OH OH OH !!!!!  I want to share some exciting news.  I had to get special security clearance before I could blog about this.  Remember I told you about someone being pregnant????!!!?!??!

I'm so happy for this couple!!!  THRILLED!!!!!!!!!  They are going to make wonderful parents!  I get to be an Auntie again!!!!!  I get all teary eyed just thinking about the blessing they have been given.  That's going to be one special baby to have them as parents!!!  Drum roll please.......

MJ and her handsome husband are going to be parents this year!!!!!!!!

MJ + R

This is MJ when she came to my 35th birthday party at Chuch E Cheese.  When I had hair!!!!

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

I am so happy for my best friend!  She is an awesome woman and I know she will make an awesome mommy!


Red Neck Diva said…
congrats on the good news of the baby.And i love the tea sets they are beautiful. J did the same thing to me one time with hair dye i only wish i had had the oxy clean stuff that you had to get it out of my towl. Have a great day. By the way i have yarn.
I learned that Just For Men stains quicker than women's dye. I guess that's why it works in 5 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes.
Anonymous said…
What is it about teenagers and hair dye?! Last year my girl decided to dye her hair was truly awful and we hardly recogonized our blond/brown haired girl. After many dollars later, my hairdresser got it back to almost her natural, pretty color. She now has it very blonde, which goes with her complexion and looks pretty. Are we going to survive these teenage years??