A letter to my body.

Dear Body,

How ya doin'?  Enjoying these pain meds?  I hope so!  Sorry they are making you constipated.  I will just take ANOTHER pill for that.  What's a few more pills to add to my day!?!  I was being sarcastic just in case you didn't catch that.

Why are you torturing me with another kidney stone?  Are you angry that you'll be 36 this year?  I'm sorry but there's not much I can do about that.  Trust me, I don't like it either.

But why another kidney stone now?

Are you trying to stop the excessive coffee drinking?  My cold beer?  My crazy wild Supermom lifestyle???   Yeah, that's funny.  The only crazy part of my life is deciding to put on clothes or clean pj's after my bath. 

Well, stop it!!!!!  I don't have time to be medicated.  There are things I need to do!  Like DRIVE!!!  I cannot drive when I take those white pills.  I cannot even really keep count when I crochet either.  HA HA!!  My friend, MONICA, just laughs at me over the phone when we are trying to have a conversation.

So, I just walk around in a purple haze trying to feel better.  Pass the stone ALREADY!!  So, I can get back to my life.  You know, the one where I take care of my kids and husband and such.  I need that.

Well, the meds just kicked in as you can tell.  Go rest and we'll finish this discussion later.



Red Neck Diva said…
LOL very cute.Hopefully your body listens soon and you are able to pass the stone. Have a great day
Monica said…
iest is when you are repeating the same funny story we just finnished. I say " Yea, you just said that." and you agree...lol

Then half way through my talk about hot guy you start in about what count you are on...lol

I will be asking you about who is picking up your kids and "Oh!!!I better write that down!!!"
Tell your body I said hi.