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I'd like my Blizzard with Heath Bars please.

I've feeling much better, let me knock on the desk since I have typed that out loud for you to read. 

They closed down our town yesterday due to a blizzard threat.  We didn't get one though.  I kind of feel like they just teased us.  When they threaten a blizzard and let the kids out of school early then we damn well better get a blizzard.

I've been crocheting up a storm!!!!!  After the giveaway I will be adding sets to Only Ollie on ETSY.  Here's a sneak peak for you.

Crocheted Sweets Only Ollie on ETSY

Crocheted Sweets Only Ollie on ETSY

Crocheted Sweets Only Ollie on ETSY

I am totally hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, they canceled school today so I must entertain these four little people that call me Mommy.


Mrs Furious said...

You guys have no school again?! Craziness.
Kid's hasn't been cancelled this week. Thank God!!!

Supermom said...

YES!!! They released school early yesterday as well.

Kids are home today. They don't need a spring break anyway I'm guessing?