I really am blessed. How did I get so lucky?

Time for a guest blog.  This is from my friend Anna.  You remember Anna.  She's the Scrabble playing freak who writes with a BIG PENCIL!!!!

Let me tell you some things about my friend, Michelle, aka Supermom. At one time, I knew her only as "Barry's wife". Then, out of the goodness of her heart, she reached out to me in friendship. She is just that kind of person! The saying, "Never met a stranger" was coined for Michelle. She is generous, kind-hearted, endlessly patient, loving, trusting, trustworthy, funny, smart, gorgeous, pragmatic, romantic, open-minded, steadfast, the best caregiver, and a slew of other positive adjectives that I can't think of right now. I know with complete security that if I tell her something deeply personal, she will keep my confidence and advise me intelligently. She is secure in her own viewpoint, yet never judges. It's safe to say that when I started spending time with Michelle, I fell in love with her. I look forward to seeing her with tremendous anticipation. We don't get to hang out together as much as we used to since I started working away from home, and I miss her terribly. I hate it when she hurts. I feel very protective toward her. Let that be a warning to anyone who hurts her. You know who you are. Anyway, if I sound like a giddy schoolgirl, it's only because I am grateful and joyous that I have had the opportunity to meet and make friends with such a wonderful human being. Long live Supermom!

This made me cry!  I didn't think friends were allowed to do that?!??!?  Thank you Anna.  I am glad we are friends!


Anna said…
And this is how you repay me, by posting the goofy big pencil photo! How did I get so lucky? xxxoooxxxooo
Supermom said…
I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!! That was an amazing night!!!!!!